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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What To Expect When You Are Expecting.


2015 is almost end and this is my first entry of the year. 

I don't know why my interest on writing/typing become less and less. Same with reading. I used to love reading novels before. I enjoyed them. But now, all of them are just like a History textbook to me. But above all, I never get bored with singing. 

I turned 27 this year. I'm in mynlate twenties right now but my life hasn't start. I still mingling around. When I recalled back my 'life plan' that I planned years and years ago, when I was in my high school, at the age of 27, I suppose to live a married life with a super gorgeous husband and have kids. Two kids to be exact. Oh dear, I am still alive, thanks God and still single. 

So what to expect when you are expecting? I don't have the correct anawer for it. I don't even know the answer.

There are things that I don't expect to happen, but it happen. I complete my Masters, and this is an invisible dream and it was not a part of my plan. I applied for a teacher's post, which is totally out of my study field. I speak English. Ya, I speak English. I do part time jobs to earn money. I never thought that I will do multiple jobs just to earn a single cents. Thought that I get a job straight away after I completed my study. 

Things are not always happen according to plan. We plan on a straight road, but we don't include the curvy-bumpy-hilly road. And sometimes we don't even imagine there is a big hole on the road and if we walk on it, we fall. We never plan to fall.

It is good when we don't include the hole in our plan, but it is wrong if we don't include the way on how to rise after we fall. Because if we don't, we will not succeed.

So what to expext when you are expecting? Always have a Plan B. When the first's doesn't work, use the second road.

I've been there and I don't reach my destination yet. When will I reach them? i don't know, because I'm giving up on expectation and I just go with the flow.

Not a daydreamer,

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