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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


It's been a while.

I mean it.

2013, I didn't write much. Yea. Sangat busy. I am a very busy woman. *oh please*. Sorry blog, I abandoned you this year.

The last day of 2013. I wanna make this post special. *cehhh*

2013. Many things happen to me. But the biggest event is my convocation. Yeay. I am officially graduated. A degree holder. Dreams come true. 

I took the longest path in my life to succeed. People around me know how much I try to achieve a scroll. Quit from matrix (not quitting actually, I failed my math in my second semester), I start from scratch and pursuing diploma because I don't want to repeat my matriculation study. Hell yes, 3 years behind others. 

Seeing your best friends and schoolmates straightly continue their degree after matriculation, while you sitting in your room and un-employed for 6 months, what is more hurt than that? Thank you daddy, for always be there. Give me support. I know I point the right person to keep my secret. Only he knows about that.

Today, I can smile. Smile widely for what I had achieved. I thank for my past. Without it, I would not be here.

Second big event in 2013 is my decision to continue my masters degree. Work or study. I had to choose either one. Part time study is not acceptable. Mom said she's willing to pay for my tuition fees of I straightly continue after degree but if I continue after I get a job, I have to pay for my own. So, what is the better choice? You tell me. 

A little bit tension to make a right decision. But this chance only come once in a lifetime. So, here I am! Thank you mom. Thank you. Stay strong with me for another one year. 

I got new friends too! Hanim, Yana, Tim, Daus and Mizzi. Not to forget, Kak Raja, Kak Ani and other new class mates. New environment, new surrounding, deal with some people that older than me, it makes me more matured and different. Good for me. 

I scored 8 out of 25 wishes in my 2013's checklist. Well done Sophia!

I am a bit sad because I did not achieve the 25th checklist. Kikiki. To find my Mr Right. Puhahaha. Whoaa, I remembered, when I was 16, I wish that I will marry my Mr Right when I am 25 years old. Haha. 

Okay, I'll extend it to 28 years old. Blerghh. Nak jumpa lelaki muka macam Lee Dong Wook or Joo Sang Woo sah sah la susah kan. Apatah lagi Yonghwa dan Lee Min Ho. Kau hadap?

For 2014, I prepared my 26 wishes (as I'll be turning 26 years old). The wishes is partly the same, but with extra amendment. HAHA. Especially No 11 - Curse less. Puhahaha.

I wish 2014 will bring joys and happiness, health and wealth, prosperity and maturity, love and smiles to me and all of you.

So, pull up your stockings ladies and gents, more hard work to make our dream comes true. New year, new chapter, new book, and perhaps new look. =)

Thank you God for your blessings.

Happy New Year 2014. Wohoooo! Yampei!

I wish I have a can of Shandy right now. Puhahaha.