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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I always write my name as Sophia Jarvia Ak Subah although in my IC I used the word Anak. In Sarawak, people are pronouncing "Ak" as anak, so when I filled the UITM's online application form, I used "Ak" (My fault. I was too lazy to type ANAK). But one day (when I was in Arau), a friend (whom I cannot recall who is him/her) called my name as Sophia Jarvia 'anak kepada' Subah. It makes me said, 'uhhh??'. After that, I straight away went to HEA building and fill the "Borang Pertukaran Alamat/Butir Peribadi" because I don't want they call my name wrongly during my diploma's convocation and also in any future events that I'll attend.

till I meet you again. 

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