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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I always write my name as Sophia Jarvia Ak Subah although in my IC I used the word Anak. In Sarawak, people are pronouncing "Ak" as anak, so when I filled the UITM's online application form, I used "Ak" (My fault. I was too lazy to type ANAK). But one day (when I was in Arau), a friend (whom I cannot recall who is him/her) called my name as Sophia Jarvia 'anak kepada' Subah. It makes me said, 'uhhh??'. After that, I straight away went to HEA building and fill the "Borang Pertukaran Alamat/Butir Peribadi" because I don't want they call my name wrongly during my diploma's convocation and also in any future events that I'll attend.

till I meet you again. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

When I'm Getting Old.

I went to Imperial Mall just now. My dad accompany my cousin , Damien to buy his electric guitar.

While they are busy buying the guitar, mom and I walked around the mall. It makes me remembers to my past old days.

I used to hanging around with my school friends in those malls in Miri. Saturday is the most happy days to us. We walked here and there, we entered every shop although we buy nothing. We just "cuci mata". In one day, we can "khatam" all of the malls in Miri.

Nowadays, when I get older, I prefer to sit for hours in a cafe or restaurant while having a chit-chat with friends. I do not simply enter any shop if I do not have things to buy from the shop. Plus, I hate those sales girls that keep on following me. It makes me look like a thief.

Now, I walk less and I shop less. But once I shop, I will shop until I satisfy.

When you get older, you are less attracted to those things that you do not need. And you grow wiser. You know what you want and you think before you enter those shop. And it can reduce your "nafsu membeli". So, your money is save!

My cousin, Cynthia and I prefer to sit and eat. Less shopping, because we prefer online shopping. No more foot pain. It is just stomach ache..because fill our intestines with delicious food!

Till I meet you again,