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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang

Hi darling! I bet you miss me a lot. HIHI *perasan* I miss all of you.. A LOT LIKE LOVE.

Kinda busy. Actually very very busy. Work and assignments here and there. I cannot get myself a good time to breath. But thanks to God The Almighty, today, here I am, still breathing, healthily and and happy.

Just a single brief about what I did yesterday. I went for a girls club shopping and movie at Sunway Pyramid. After I felt so frustrated with my law test, well I am not a law student nor a lawyer to be, but I have to sit for the law exam. Damn! Can I say choyyyyyy with more yyyyyy? Ok, choyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Enough.

I ask Syikin for a movie, and she said yes. When I went back to my room, I saw my dear room mate + class mate, Faten was very sad, and Kak Fad was there to comfort her, so I tried to cheer her up and ask whether they want to join me and Syikin for a movie. Finally, they say yes! Yipiee!

So, there we are. At Sunway. And we decided to watch the new malay movie entitled Istanbul Aku Datang. Lately in my timeline, there were so many tweets and mentions appeared for this movie. So, I was so excited and eager to watch it.

So, here is my quick point of view about the movie.

Istanbul Aku Datang - 8000 km Mencari Cinta is about a girl named Dian (Lisa Surihani) who come to Istanbul just to be nearer with her boyfriend, Azad (Tomok) and besides that she plan to convince her bf to propose her soon. From the first day she arrived at Istanbul, she confront with many circumstances. Azad ask her to find a new house instead of living together, and when she found an apartment, she cheated by a man who being the fake renting agent. Without knowing that the apartment is rented by a malay guy, Dian move into the apartment. *The apartment is so so so so nice* A day after Dian and the malay guy, Harris (Beto) accidentally met inside the bathroom while Dian was taking her shower and Harris was washing his hand.

Well, what happen after that?? kababom! You have to watch! HAHA. *sengaja I tak cerita kat korang, lgpun I malas nak type. You can ask Mr Google.*

I personally think that this story is nice and lovely. Tak meleret. And sweet. I love when Beto wash Lisa's hair. So sweet. Cerita yang logic. And I suka pemilihan pelakon. Beto and Tomok did a great job. And Lisa, she improve a lot. No kaku kaku, kayu kayu. Memang real. I think better bagi Lisa watak yang cute cute macam ni. Takkan la watak comel nak kasi kat Yana je kot. Lisa pun ok what. I hope lepas ni Lisa boleh dapat watak yang happy dan ceria.

I suka the cinematography and the shooting mode. I love every angle of the camera. Sangat style ok!

What else can I say, well done Bernard!

Let's vote for Beto, Lisa and Tomok!

Siapa yang belum tengok, I think you must go to the nearest cinema.

BTW, Istanbul is a great city. Future husband, jom honeymoon kat Istanbul. Using your money. Miahaha.



Thursday, 1 November 2012