Saturday, 6 October 2012

Another Awesome Finding

Hi bloggers & readers! I'm fine and how about you? I hope you are doing fine as well.

How's your weekend? Mine, quite fun and exiting. Having IKEA's meatball today. Yummy! And I went to One Utama at Bandar Utama. *lenguh kaki makkk!* Jalan sana, jalan sini. Tak habis pusing OU pun lagi, tapi letih nak mam! Serious besar gedabak. Double dari Sunway. I need a foot massage right now.

Enough with the sakit kaki story. Back to the title. My awesome finding for today is...


Apa nih??? Macam milkshake. HAHA.
Actually ni adalah hair colour. At first I masuk Watson and I found this, I talk to myself, "Eh, what is this?" And I was wondering it is a kind of food. Nyumnyumnyum. HAHA.

So I read it again. *Ok, I cannot read Japanese* But, finally I figured it out. It is a hair colour. Same with Liese. But it comes with a shaker. It is a type of hair colour that comes in term of foam. Macam Liese but different in packaging and handling. If Liese, you tak yah shake shake. Yang ni you have to shake the mixture. 

Harga Beautylabo ni murah than Liese. It is about MYR 28.++ or MYR29.++. Tapi not more that MYR30 la. Much much murah than Liese. Tapi colour dia tak banyak pilihan. Liese has more choices of colour. And some of the Beautylabo colour range is not that attractive like Liese. 

But takpa, I will try this hair colour one day. Sabar sabar sabar. Tunggu balik Miri and I colour my hair again.

 I love colouring my hair recently. *Perasan nak jadi omputih*

I try to search the Beautylabo's website but I cannot find it. If you do find it, please leave the link on the comment's box or chat ok? Sharing is caring! =)

I think that's all for today.

See you another day!

love and hate,

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