Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mein Raum

Hello there! Kinda miss ya!

As I promised before, I nak show kat korang my lovely room kan? Hewhewhew. Well, I captured some pics tadi. *Bosan sebab tanak study, so I captured some pics*

But before that, I nak mintak maaf because what you will see is not the one that you prefer to see. My space is totally mess! *Miahaha* Lain kali I mintak Eric Leong tolong kemas untuk I. *Cantik tak..cantik tak..cantik tak??* Sorry Eric, but it is your famous punch line. haha.

So, are you ready guys? *Jawab Ai Ai Captain!* Kalau tak, I tanak show! HAHA.

Ini before I moved in. 
My tall locker, my study table, white and soft board and the so called book shelves. 
*but I didn't put my book on it*

My bed without bed sheet. Also taken before I moved in. I was so excited because the furnitures are new, so gedik la nak amik gambar kan.

Tadaaa. See..I will never put my books on the shelves. This what we called food-shelves. HAHA

My so called study table. But I tak duduk kat situ pun. Kinda sempit for me. U know la why..Aiyaa..

Note to self. Discover who is the little Dumbo!

Bigger view.

My locker+study table. Kemas tak kemas tak kemas tak. *puji diri sendiri*
I can only put half of my baju baju in here. Half lagi I have to put them inside my luggage. Tak muat. HUHU.
I need a WARDROBE!!

Ok ok. I admit it. This is a mess. My bed with Power Puff Girl's bed sheet, my Japanese table + my lappy (this is the place where I actually study)

Kat bawah katil ada macam2 ada,  2 luggage bags, one big teddy box, weighing scale, tikar, 2 pairs of shous, iron and water heater. Dan juga habuk habuk bergelimpangan. 

Kat hujung katil ada my laundry basket (basket la sangat), my toileteries and my multi purpose ampaian + hanger.

So, have fun? No? HAHA. 

Oh ya, the fee for this room is kinda cheaper than my old room. MYR 210 per semester. Murah kan? Half price from the old one. Save more money lorr. #$$$

So, until we meet in next post darlings!

love and hate,

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