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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang

Hi darling! I bet you miss me a lot. HIHI *perasan* I miss all of you.. A LOT LIKE LOVE.

Kinda busy. Actually very very busy. Work and assignments here and there. I cannot get myself a good time to breath. But thanks to God The Almighty, today, here I am, still breathing, healthily and and happy.

Just a single brief about what I did yesterday. I went for a girls club shopping and movie at Sunway Pyramid. After I felt so frustrated with my law test, well I am not a law student nor a lawyer to be, but I have to sit for the law exam. Damn! Can I say choyyyyyy with more yyyyyy? Ok, choyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Enough.

I ask Syikin for a movie, and she said yes. When I went back to my room, I saw my dear room mate + class mate, Faten was very sad, and Kak Fad was there to comfort her, so I tried to cheer her up and ask whether they want to join me and Syikin for a movie. Finally, they say yes! Yipiee!

So, there we are. At Sunway. And we decided to watch the new malay movie entitled Istanbul Aku Datang. Lately in my timeline, there were so many tweets and mentions appeared for this movie. So, I was so excited and eager to watch it.

So, here is my quick point of view about the movie.

Istanbul Aku Datang - 8000 km Mencari Cinta is about a girl named Dian (Lisa Surihani) who come to Istanbul just to be nearer with her boyfriend, Azad (Tomok) and besides that she plan to convince her bf to propose her soon. From the first day she arrived at Istanbul, she confront with many circumstances. Azad ask her to find a new house instead of living together, and when she found an apartment, she cheated by a man who being the fake renting agent. Without knowing that the apartment is rented by a malay guy, Dian move into the apartment. *The apartment is so so so so nice* A day after Dian and the malay guy, Harris (Beto) accidentally met inside the bathroom while Dian was taking her shower and Harris was washing his hand.

Well, what happen after that?? kababom! You have to watch! HAHA. *sengaja I tak cerita kat korang, lgpun I malas nak type. You can ask Mr Google.*

I personally think that this story is nice and lovely. Tak meleret. And sweet. I love when Beto wash Lisa's hair. So sweet. Cerita yang logic. And I suka pemilihan pelakon. Beto and Tomok did a great job. And Lisa, she improve a lot. No kaku kaku, kayu kayu. Memang real. I think better bagi Lisa watak yang cute cute macam ni. Takkan la watak comel nak kasi kat Yana je kot. Lisa pun ok what. I hope lepas ni Lisa boleh dapat watak yang happy dan ceria.

I suka the cinematography and the shooting mode. I love every angle of the camera. Sangat style ok!

What else can I say, well done Bernard!

Let's vote for Beto, Lisa and Tomok!

Siapa yang belum tengok, I think you must go to the nearest cinema.

BTW, Istanbul is a great city. Future husband, jom honeymoon kat Istanbul. Using your money. Miahaha.



Thursday, 1 November 2012

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Another Awesome Finding

Hi bloggers & readers! I'm fine and how about you? I hope you are doing fine as well.

How's your weekend? Mine, quite fun and exiting. Having IKEA's meatball today. Yummy! And I went to One Utama at Bandar Utama. *lenguh kaki makkk!* Jalan sana, jalan sini. Tak habis pusing OU pun lagi, tapi letih nak mam! Serious besar gedabak. Double dari Sunway. I need a foot massage right now.

Enough with the sakit kaki story. Back to the title. My awesome finding for today is...


Apa nih??? Macam milkshake. HAHA.
Actually ni adalah hair colour. At first I masuk Watson and I found this, I talk to myself, "Eh, what is this?" And I was wondering it is a kind of food. Nyumnyumnyum. HAHA.

So I read it again. *Ok, I cannot read Japanese* But, finally I figured it out. It is a hair colour. Same with Liese. But it comes with a shaker. It is a type of hair colour that comes in term of foam. Macam Liese but different in packaging and handling. If Liese, you tak yah shake shake. Yang ni you have to shake the mixture. 

Harga Beautylabo ni murah than Liese. It is about MYR 28.++ or MYR29.++. Tapi not more that MYR30 la. Much much murah than Liese. Tapi colour dia tak banyak pilihan. Liese has more choices of colour. And some of the Beautylabo colour range is not that attractive like Liese. 

But takpa, I will try this hair colour one day. Sabar sabar sabar. Tunggu balik Miri and I colour my hair again.

 I love colouring my hair recently. *Perasan nak jadi omputih*

I try to search the Beautylabo's website but I cannot find it. If you do find it, please leave the link on the comment's box or chat ok? Sharing is caring! =)

I think that's all for today.

See you another day!

love and hate,

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mein Raum

Hello there! Kinda miss ya!

As I promised before, I nak show kat korang my lovely room kan? Hewhewhew. Well, I captured some pics tadi. *Bosan sebab tanak study, so I captured some pics*

But before that, I nak mintak maaf because what you will see is not the one that you prefer to see. My space is totally mess! *Miahaha* Lain kali I mintak Eric Leong tolong kemas untuk I. *Cantik tak..cantik tak..cantik tak??* Sorry Eric, but it is your famous punch line. haha.

So, are you ready guys? *Jawab Ai Ai Captain!* Kalau tak, I tanak show! HAHA.

Ini before I moved in. 
My tall locker, my study table, white and soft board and the so called book shelves. 
*but I didn't put my book on it*

My bed without bed sheet. Also taken before I moved in. I was so excited because the furnitures are new, so gedik la nak amik gambar kan.

Tadaaa. See..I will never put my books on the shelves. This what we called food-shelves. HAHA

My so called study table. But I tak duduk kat situ pun. Kinda sempit for me. U know la why..Aiyaa..

Note to self. Discover who is the little Dumbo!

Bigger view.

My locker+study table. Kemas tak kemas tak kemas tak. *puji diri sendiri*
I can only put half of my baju baju in here. Half lagi I have to put them inside my luggage. Tak muat. HUHU.
I need a WARDROBE!!

Ok ok. I admit it. This is a mess. My bed with Power Puff Girl's bed sheet, my Japanese table + my lappy (this is the place where I actually study)

Kat bawah katil ada macam2 ada,  2 luggage bags, one big teddy box, weighing scale, tikar, 2 pairs of shous, iron and water heater. Dan juga habuk habuk bergelimpangan. 

Kat hujung katil ada my laundry basket (basket la sangat), my toileteries and my multi purpose ampaian + hanger.

So, have fun? No? HAHA. 

Oh ya, the fee for this room is kinda cheaper than my old room. MYR 210 per semester. Murah kan? Half price from the old one. Save more money lorr. #$$$

So, until we meet in next post darlings!

love and hate,

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Define the undefined.

Hey everyone! It's been a long time I didn't write anything in my blog. Kinda miss all of you. I am so sorry because I didn't write and I didn't reply all of the chats in the chatbox. But deep in my heart I said THANK YOU for leaving me your messages and support. *mata dah berair dah ni. sayu..sedih..terharu*

Well, saya sangat busy sekarang ni. *kena guna BM, kang kena saman!* In the past 2 months, I undergo my Industrial Training in Kelantan and I have no time to update my blog as well as I don't have the time to log in into my facebook and twitter. *Sebenarnya I don't have any internet connection. I terminated my broadband* (Perasan ada wifi kat hostel. Wifi yang laju tahap gaban itteww. Phewww). So memang padan muka la tak dapat online time cuti!

My LI went well. I met a new friend, Fahmi instead of hanging around with my GFF, Syikin. We had so much fun together. Boley la blah jugak daripada duk nganga kat site. My site is kinda boring. And the boredom makes me re-think that I am not supposed to further pursue my study in Civil Engineering. Dah nak abis degree baru la dapat tahu yang bidang ni tak diminati langsung. Seriously!! Tak minat!! I hate some of the gatal gatal worker kat my site yang tak SEDORRR diri. *Haishh* #sexual Harassment# Damn I hate it. Tuikk. So, to prevent me myself kena kacau, I duduk kat site office yang panas itteww, and layahn #RunningMan! Lagi ada makna. Kan Kan Kan??

Within those two months, I went through many things. Happiness and sadness. Sweet and sour memories. I met many people. Ma, Wea, Kak Jom, Kak Num, Kak, little Amna, little Amni, little Aqil@Akil, little Adam, Amin, & Aluwi. Terima kasih banyak banyak sebab kasi saya tinggal dan makan di rumah. Makanan semuanya sedap sedap belaka. I celebrated raya in Kelantan for the first time. Sangat best. I hope I can be there for another Raya.

Happy happy jugak. Dalam happy ada sedihnya. The one and only, my Inik Cipit passed away on the 3rd of August. It really breaks my heart away. I tak sempat pun jumpa dia for the last and final time. The last I jumpa and bergurau with her is when we had our very peaceful and happy Gawai Day. Time tu memang dia cakap dia ada sakit kat rusuk. I never thought that that happy day is the last time I saw her smile. *starts to cry* So many memories of her that I will never forget. Inik Cipit, where ever you are now, you will be missed and love. In my heart and mind, you are still alive. Thou I cannot see you, but you are in my heart. Always here. Deep deep inside. *cry again* I love you so much. Yet and still. Now and forever. Rest in peace, Amen.

Lectures start! New semester begins! Ready set go! So, now I am officially a final year student. *Yeay!* (Tangan angkat ke atas!) *Woi,cover ketiak woi!!* So as a final year student, dah memang wajib la aku ada Final Year Project. *dang!* Tetiap minggu kena jumpa supervisor. My supervisor, Mdm Azreena is very nice. I'm fine with everything. A little bit letih because every week kena update my work. OMG, I really wish that I have 40 hours in a day. I don't have enough time to zzz. Even nak korek idong pun kena jimat masa. Sebab I need both of my hands to keep on working and writing! Plus, all the assignments must be HANDWRITTEN. Can you imagine? Haishhh! *Apo kono fakulti aku sem nih??*

And the best of the best part is, 100% attendance to the lectures. TAHNIAH! Nak jadi student civil bukan senang oii. Lebih lebih lagi ada dekan yang strict nak dot dot dot macam ni. Panas bontot aku baca pasal attendance nih. Tak boley nak sesukahati doraemon pokemon korang nak escape. NO EXCUSE okeh!

Then, about my class pulak. Semua class went well. Subject membaca. ARghhh!!! Bekus bekus bekus otak aku. But the subject yang can make my life reduced by 100 years is Foundation Engineering! OMAGA! Lecturer dari Egypt. I kena korek telinga and dengar betul betul setiap patah yang dituturkannya. *cehh..dituturkan!* And the most frightening moment is bila dia tanya kita soalan. Mak aihhh..Dah la benda yang aku tak suka. *I don't like Geology+Soil Mechanics subject* Tahan rasa je la. HUHU. Ok, nuff said.

Dah bosan ke dengan cerita aku? Ni ada lagi few more stories yang I nak kasitau. Sabaq naaa.

What I really love about this semester is my room!! Walaupun I hanya pelajar rayuan, tapi I love my room! Perabot baru! Bilik pun luas. Perabot kaler merah gittewww. My mom also said, "eh lawaaaa!" *Later in next update I upload pic okeh, sekarang ni tengah berselerak la* (Cover malu). HAHA. Sem ni dapat bilik be-empat. So sangat riuh rendah bilik kami taw. I have new roomates, Faten (my classmate), Ju (Faten's friend) and the cute Kak Fad. Two Mechy's, two Civil's. Baguihh la tu. Sangat seronok bila roomate ramai nih. Seriously. Tapi rumet berdua pun ok juga. I miss my ex-roomates in the last three semesters, Wawa,Pipah and Kira. Lebiu lebiu lebiu oll!

Well, I think that's all for tonight. I pun dah mengantuk. *Menyampah tunggu runningman tak abis abis loading* Esok nak temankan Syikin beli tiket balik rayerrr. Btw, I nyerr flight dah book. Time to fly! Sorry dean, when it comes to holiday, your rule means nothing to me. As I said before, I am pretty enough to break your rule.

Sekian kawan kawan semua. Sayang korang. *Nak mekdi big mac boleh??*

Time to sleep. Tweety is waiting for me. Tadaaaa!! 

P/s: nak keluar single terbaru -->Duitku Tak Pernah Cukup. Dengarkan hanya di Era.fm.

Love and hate,

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Very Busy - The Semester Is Towards It's End

Hi there bloggy!. Serious lama tak update belog kesayangan aku nih. Aku busy mengalahkan PM. HAHA. Betul. Dato Najib, jom lawan ke-busy-an dengan saya. HUHU.

Biasa la students la katakan. Akhir-akhir semester la baru nak start buat kerja yang dah lama tertangguh. Padahal lecturer dah bagi hint kerja awal awal sem lagi. Tapi as a student yang sambil lewa macam aku ni, aku tangguh punya la tangguh kerja aku hingga sampai week last baru nak start. Haa, dah tu, mula la nak korek idea sana, korek idea sini. Satu kelas kalut. Hamekk kau. Padan ngan muka sendiri la. Pasai apa tak buat awal-awal. Kalau tak ,mesti sekarang ni kau dah ada masa nak bercuti berjimba di Colmar. Wah! Kelas kau nyah!

Steel projects, Research Methodology, Video German, hah apa lagik? Mana kau nak cekau masa ponn! Bangun pagi dengan eye-bag segala, padan lah. Nah sekarang ni kau rasakan la penangan ke-busy-an sebagai student yang pemalas. (Tangan ke bahu, mata ke atas)

So, semua orang busy, masa makan pun tak lalu. Ye la mana tak nya, masa makan pun aku dapat bayangkan yang nasi tu trasform jadi rumus Steel Design. (Erkkk, pasai apa tak keluar muka En Yong terus???) FYI, #Now Playing kat telinga aku - I Love You This Big by Scotty McCreery.

Final exam pulak tak lama lagi. Start 30 haribulan. Nah! Orang tengah berjimba hujung bulan baru payday, kau dah memerah otak untuk jawab final. Paper Math lagi tu. memang kelas lah kau Maria. Lepas tu jadual final pulah memang tak ohsem langsung la wei. 30 hb, 4hb, 6hb, 7hb. Dah tu 9hb nak start praktikal kat Kelantan. Hey fakulti, kau ingat aku ni ada pintu sesuka hati doraemon ke. Main bukak je pintu terus sampai Kota Bharu? Logik la sikit. Paper baru abis 7 hb, petang lagik tu, kalau nak terus balik Kelantan memang tak sempat la kan. Esok pulak baru nak plan berjimba (ya kawan kawan, berjimba ramba), tapi dengan masa macam ni memang kensel la plan aku kan. Huh! (Taper, jimat duit)

Kesian la kau wahai belog. Aku baca je. Bukak bukak belog asyik asyik je gambar Syafiq yang keluar.  Haha Apa tak nya, post pun memang lama gila tak update. Asyik tweet and facebook jerr. 

Oklah, itu je la yang aku nak cakap dalam post kali ni. Sebenarnya aku nak kasi update yang kaw kaw punya bahasa dunia, tapi tu la, masa nih tersangatlah jeles ngan aku. Takpa lah, nanti waktu cuti aku update la belog ni hari. (Tak janji tapi pasti). Sampai la korang semua muak nak baca update dari aku. (Update nak kentut pun aku kasi keluar kat sini nanti. HAHA).

So, until I meet you at my next post!
Take care bloggy! Love you,

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Syafiq's Convocation

Today, I went to DATC UiTM Shah Alam untuk attend Syafiq's graduation day. FYI, Syafiq ni my adik angkat time PLKN. (Sebenarnya saya yang anak angkat keluarga dia time kat PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang) 

Lama giler tak jumpa. Dah 6 tahun dah. Adam pun dah tahun 6. Dulu kecik je. Tapi I still ingat wajah Ibu dan Ayah. =). Serius tak berubah. Cuma Ayah beruban sedikit. HEHE.

Siapa cakap hubungan keluarga angkat tak kekal? Walaupun jarang berjumpa, (kadang-kadang tak berjumpa langsung pun), tapi kalau kita berusaha, kita tetap keep in touch juga. 
Thanks God, I still keep nombor telefon Ibu. Thanks to the sim card too!

Congrats Syafiq!

Me and kakak.

Miss them a lot! Bestnya masakan Ibu. HUHU.
(Meleleh air liur bila teringat roti jala Ibu yang sedap itu)

Bunga konvo telah dijadikan prob sebelum diberi kepada penerima yang sah. Sorry Syafiq. HAHA.

bila tengok orang konvo, aku pulak yang tak sabar nak konvo. 
#Kerja rumah kau tak siap, kau nak konvo? #


Mother's Day

Tak sah kalau tak update pasal Mother's Day ni. 

Dengan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mummy. (Sebenarnya dah sms mummy pukul 12 tengah malam semalam) Perghh, kelas tak I? HAHA

Dear Mummy, 
Thanks a lot sebab telah melahirkan bayi seberat 3.++ kilo ini. (Nilai perpuluhan dirahsiakan sebab nanti korang akan bundarkan kepada angka yang lebih besar. HAHA). Dan terima kasih kerana telah membesarkan bayi itu sehingga menjadi gadis cantik yang seberat berat manusia. Tahniah mummy! Hewhewhew.

Dan tahniah juga kerana telah melahirkan seorang lagi bayi dinosour (sekarang ni dah menjadi jejaka sukses kerana telah menurunkan berat badah dengan jayanya.HAHA). Mummy, anda adalah insan yang paling special sekali di dalam hidup saya kerana anda adalah satu satunya insan yang saya panggil mummy. M to the U to the double M to the Y.

Thanks a lot kerana bersengkang mata semasa saya sakit pinggang. (Time tu form 1). thanks a lot sebab tak tidur malam dan sakit belakang sebab menjaga saya di hospital. 

Thanks a lot sebab marah-marah saya di atas kesalahan yang saya lakukan.

Thanks a lot sebab belikan makanan di waktu rehat. Walaupun daddy dah bagi seringgit untuk beli nasi lemak, tapi I still went to the staff room untuk makan rehat. (Melantak habis-habis). Seringgit tu simpan dalam poket, lepas habis school, pegi kantin, beli telur mainan yg ada hadiah. HUHU

Thanks a lot sebab mencuci baju saya (walaupun mesin basuh yang cuci), menyidai baju saya, (bukan baju je, seluar, tuala mandi, dot dot dot).

Thanks a lot sebab masak makanan yang sedap-sedap untuk saya setiap hari. 

Thanks a lot sebab sikat dan tocangkan rambut saya macam rusa. Walaupun tak cantik, tapi tetap datang ke sekolah dengan kepala tergeleng-geleng. Bila saya dewasa, mummy yang tolong bubble-dye kan rambut saya. Oh teharu.

Thanks a lot sebab tolong picit jerawat di muka saya. Lepas tu belikan pencuci muka. (Tapi muka tak juga licin-licin). Thanks a lot for your shampoo, mask, scrub, perfume, lotion, lip gloss, face powder, foundation, concealer, toner, krim 99 (HAHA) dan barang - barang kecantikkan yang saya cilok pakai dari your room selama ini. Sorry! HEHE. 

Thanks a lot sebab meng-donate baju yang lawa (bukan bagi, but I yang nak jugak baju tu). Then bila I tak pakai, I bagi balik kat mummy, baju tu dah tak serupa baju. mummy just membebel yang I tak pandai jaga baju, but lepas tu bila I nak baju lain, mummy still kasi juga. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot sebab belikan walkman Sony, handphone Nokia 1110, laptop Acer, laptop VAIO dan gadget elektronik yang lain.

Thanks a lot sebab bagi pinjam (time konvo) handbag Bonia yang daddy hadiahkan to you many years ago. I tak pakai pun time tu, tapi saja gedik nak pinjam. HUHU.

Thanks a lot for...thanks a lot for...thanks a lot for...
Banyak sangat nak ucap.

But, thanks a lot for always be there for me, susah atau senang, suka atau duka, gelak dan air mata. Thanks a lot mummy.

I Love You So Much!!!.
You are the greatest mom in the world!
You are #awesome!

If there is an awesome mom, so there is a great dad!
Love you both.


Kehidupan Hari Ini

Lama giler tak keluar shopping. Serious lama. (Er, lama eh?) Let me count. ( un, deux, trios). Nah, lupa dah bila aku last shopping. See, lama kan? HUHU

Yela, nama pun student. Bukan setakat student je tau, Student Beribawa nama dia. Test sana sini. Assignments sana sini. Semua belum siap dan harus disiapkan. So, nak keluar pun takde masa. 

But this week, one of my BFF mai dari Penang gittew. So, aku nak show off la kat dia pasai hebaK nya Selangor nih. HAHA. (Padahal setakat pergi Subang je pun.) Ok ok, kasi up sikit, Sunway Pyramid yuuuuu. Kau ade? HAHA.

Biasa lah wanita zaman kini, kalau pegi jalan-jalan tu, memang tip top lah benda nak dibuat. Dengan bersungguh-sungguh naik KTM kat Padang Jawa, sampai la kat stesen Subang Jaya. Ops, tak sampai Sunway lagi! Naik pulak bas koboi tambang seringgit nak ke Sunway. Nama pun bas koboi, berhenti pun cara koboi. Sesuka hati je stop kat tepi jalan (yang di-connect-kan oleh jejantas). Padahal tak boleh berenti kat situ. Apa tak nya, ada pagaq-pagaq kot! So, yang obese macam saya, sila jangan tiru aksi menyelitkan peha ayam daging XXL kat pagaq tu. Silap-silap, masuk Metro dengan tajuk utama, "Peha Tersepit Di Pagar Jalan". Kau nak?? 

Sampai-sampai kat Sunway, terus pegi kat directory yang besar gedabak tu. Tumpuan anak mata tetap jitu terhadap senarai Restaurants, Food & Beverages. Akhirnya, Shushi King menjadi pilihan. (poyo je nak jadi orang Jepun). Before aku komen lebih, korang layan la dulu gambar nih.

Ops, ini bukan aku yang makan sorang ok! HAHA. Aku nyer portion yang hujung tu je.WUWU

Lepas makan, kitaorang ronda Sunway. Biasa lah, menyakitkan kaki sendiri. Dan kedai kedai femes yang kiteorang redah are Nichii, Forever 21, Padini (Ni kedai wajib), Daiso (Ni pun wajib jugak. pelaburan 5 ringgit berada di sini), Jusco (Ini super wajib) dan macam-macam lagi. (wahh, banyak gittew). But we all end up kat Payless Store. (Serious tebeliak mata pakai spek tanpa cermin kat sini sebab heels memang kaw kaw gojes dan ohsem!)

Some pics for ya!

Syurga kasut.

Perghh. Kaki retis tu. HAHA

Opsss! Lupa nak cakap. I terpikat ngan kepala Angry Bird kat satu kedai candy nih. Tapi only their customer je yang boley tangkap gambar dengan kepala tu. So, oleh kerana kepala itu, saya telah mengorbankan 6 ringgit untuk membeli candy disitu. (Tapi takpe, sebab aku dah makan sample dia kaw kaw banyak punya sampai kenyang! HAHA)

Nah, ni gambaq Angry Bird la SANGAT!

gambar yang ni kita kasi besaq sikit haha.

Lastly, before balik, kitaorang berhenti kat satu papan tanda and kat situ ada diberi sticky notes, and you can wish Happy Mother's Day to your mum and Happy Parent's Day to your parents. So, apa lagi, aku memang pantang tengok peluang free ni.

Me me me!



Omg, I don't have any clue in what I'm trying to do here.

These three are my sticky notes!

Pretty cool isn't it?

Balik dari Sunway, makan Flamming. Lepas tu rasa bersalah giler dan akhirnya end up kat gym for 2 hours. Burned 900 + 1 cal. #RasaOhsemGiler.

So, now baru abis mandi and I nak buat lab report yang tak siap. So, nights peeps! Lev Yiu.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Alkisah Si Jakun

Setelah setahun setengah belajar di uiTM Shah Alam, hari ni la first time aku pinjam buku kat PTAR 3.
(Berikan tepukkan kepada diri sendiri)

Ini semua, Research Methodology punya pasal. Kalau tak , memang aku tak pinjam la buku ni sampai aku grad. Huhu. #Aku bukan ulat buku, bukan juga ulat bulu#

Cari-punya cari buku, (dah jumpa sepuluh buku) setelah berpuas hati, aku dan kawan kawan yang saya suka pun mengangkut buku tu ke bawah. Tapi bila terpandang board kat tepi tangga, rupa-rupanya buku-buku yang kiteorang kumpul tu tak boleh di pinjam kerana IANYA HANYA DIJADIKAN SEBAGAI RUJUKAN!
Hampeh tul! Nak sejam mencari dan menelaah, ini balasannya??

Lepas tu, aku and Syikin naik la level 6, (kat situ je buku yang boleh pinjam). So, tinggallah Aini dengan buku bapak tebal yang banyak itu kat level 4. Cari punya cari sampai dah senget dan sakit tengkuk sebab nak baca tajuk buku, akhirnya aku and Syikin dapat la jumpa sepuluh lagi buah buku yang "bakal-bakal" diperlukan.

Dengan bangganya, kitaorang turun ke level 3 and letak buku tu kat atas kaunter. kat kaunter tu ada kakak librarian yang comel itu. Time tu akak tu buat muka selamba je. Macam nak layan tak layan. Tiba tiba Aini tanya, "kak, nak pinjam buku". Lepas tu akak tu cakap, "dik, pinjam buku kena scan kat sana", (sambil menunjukkan kaunter untuk meminjam buku). 

Ghupanerrr, now (or memang sebelum aku masuk Shah Alam lagi) nak pinjam buku kena la self service. You scan the book and you do everything by yourself. (Nasib baik aku tak datang sensorang, kalau tak, memang malu tahap tenuk nak berak). 
So, sebagai ayat cover malu aku kat kakak tu, "Kak, kalau nak fotostat front cover buku kat level 4 tu macam mana eh?". (sebenarnya dah tahu, tapi saja nak tanya sebab muka mak jemah memang tebal 5 inci dah time tu)

So, dengan BANGGANYA  kitaorang melangkah ke self service kaunter untuk pinjam buku. Sendiri punya hal la nak survive babe!

Ni la kaunter yang aku cakap tu. Ada touch screen monitor, bar code scanner & receipt's printer.

Masukkan no matrix korang (8 angka yang didepan sahaja yerr) Aku punya la confident masukkan semua, sekali tengok error. HUHU. Dengan muka tak malu, tanya lagi pada kakak comel tu. HUHU. Before korang masukkan no matrix, kena scan kad matrix dulu.

Sila scan seberapa banyak buku yang nak dipinjam. Ini tangan Aini. HAHA

Print receipt!

Print the receipt.


Canggih kan? Tak yah nak stamp-stamp macam zaman sekolah rendah dulu dulu. 


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Melaka Lagi

Just went back from Malacca. 
And I love my third trip to malacca.
I ♥ Malacca.
I just don't know why.

I'll update it later okae!
Maximum level of fatigue. 

Kaki penat
Jalan pun tak larat
Buat homework pun semakin tenat
Kita tido, esok bangun lambat!



Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Macaroons

Satu Malaya dah tahu betapa eager nya saya nak makan benda alah kecik molek yang diberi nama Macaroons ini. *cehh, nampak beno nipunye*

All of my closed friends memang tahu la alkisah tentang keinginan saya ini. Dan hari ini (dalam sejarah yang tak seberapa sejarah itu), saya telah merasa cik mek molek yang asalnya dari Perancis ini.
Wah, propa giteww.

Ditemui di Dataran Cendekia dengan harga RM5.50 untuk 3 ketul.
Walaupun harganya agak mahal #memang mahal pun#, tapi kerana nak try punya cerita, aku beli jugak benda nih.
Ye la, nanti bila orang tanya, tak ade la kita ternganga dan nak reka-reka cerita palsu kan. 
Even my BFF pun cakap:
Aini: Tak sedap la Belle. Rasa dia ermmm.....
Syikin: Mahal la Belle.
Ayu & Sha : Manis sangat la wei.
Kak Pah: Rasa macam biskut lemau.

But, I still nak try. And at last I dapat juga try and these are my opinion about Macaroons.

Colour --> Memang menarik. Sangat attractive. #no offence#
Saiz --> Kecik aje. Maybe ni ikut saiz Malaysia kot. I tengok si Blair makan benda tu kat GG, beso aje.
Taste --> Sangat manis. Sangat. Memang rasa macam biskut lemau. Bagi yang tak suka benda manis, saya yakin anda tak akan suka. Bagi yang suka benda manis, you should try. Bagi saya, saya neutral. So, for me, just that sweet.
 Since I beli perisa Strawberry and Chocolate, I would say that I  love the Chocolate Macaroons.

Overall, saya gembira kerana dapat rasa Macaroons ni. But, I still looking forward for the original French Macaroons. Baru kita tahu rasa sebenar dia. 

Last but not least, please do enjoy the pics that I had captured.

Ok, itu aje.