Saturday, 10 December 2011

Underpinning MAKES Me Under-PENING!

What else a student should do rather than sucks up the knowledge and vomit out the assignments?
Watching movies? -- A big NO for that.
Dating? --Big big NEVER for a single woman like me.
Eating? -- I'm not in a diet and of course I EAT a lot, so don't worry about that.

I have an assignments regarding my ConsTech subject where I have to find a case study about underpinning.
So I asked Mr Google's help, and horay! I found it! Thank thank thank you Mr. Google!

Finding the sources are not that difficult because there is internet but what make it becomes worst is, I got a headache to proceed with the sources.

I wanna search for something, but I found something else. OH Gosh!

I really wanna tell my lecturer, please make me live happily! No assignments, please. There are many tests that I have to be focused on.

Well, thanks to my group-mate, Aini. You choose the topic - Underpinning, and now, I am the one that under-PENING! And maybe it will happen to you too! HAHA.


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