Friday, 2 December 2011

Finalist For AJL-26

Baru selesai menonton Muzik Muzik Separuh Akhir minggu terakhir dah kita sudah tahu siapa finalis-finalis AJL ke 26.

Before I show you the list, I would like to comment about the performances tonight.

I start with Suhaimi Mior Hassan, Ana Raffali & Altimet and the song is Kalau Berpacaran. This is one of the best duo/trio nowadays. The lyric of the song is full with some good messages to the teenagers & youth. I love to see the combination between Ana and Suhaimi. Ana, a young generation and Suhaimi, a senior singer. Their performance tonight was a simple one and I admit, less is more. I love Ana's dress (or maybe I can call it a modern transformation of a typical baju kurung)

Yuna - One of the great female singer in Malaysia. The winner for The Most Popular Female Singer in ABP last year (a new winner after the award belong to Siti Nurhaliza for 12 years). Yuna seems very comfortable with the music arrangements and the audience. She can make her audience concentrate with her performance from the start to the end (include me). I love the song, Penakut. Deep meaning. Good job Yuna!

Jaclyn Victor - I can say Jac is the love bird of Malaysia. She has her own style (especially when she drag the microphone a little far from her mouth). Singing the song Sedetik Lebih (original singer is Anuar Zain but he refuses to took part in AJL, so his place was replaced by the gorgeous Jac) Jac really made the song more than a lovely song. Her performance tonight was a superstar and superb. I love her black dress.

Shiha - The first runner up for Mentor this year. She was so beautiful tonight. I love her red dress (damn seriously). Her performance was not that good if compared to the one she had in final concert for Mentor. Maybe tonight she was singing by using the karaoke version and that is why her voice was very typical and studio version.

Sixth Sense - They performed twice tonight. Their songs were Menyesal & Cinta Matiku. I do not put my heart in their performance because it was just like a stereotype performance to the other band. Wearing a dark costume does not really make them like slow rock / rock-ballad band at all. (oh, please do not choose black costume. Every time I watched a band do a performance, they will wear a black shirt, jacket and all in black. Seriously, it sucks. I know you are a man, but can you choose another dark colour please?) The voice was not that really bad and the music also goes well. Maybe the songs was not that attractive to the judges.

Salma - The winner of Mentor. Her performance tonight was over-did. She hit every high note but it doesn't goes well. I do not know where is the problem. Maybe she was too confident with her high note. Her voice is superb, as usual. She should reduce 'screaming'.

Faizal Tahir - A better performance since his performance that I watched in Anugerah Planet Muzik few months ago. There was a little bit pitching mistake especially at the beginning of the chorus. But he catch the right pitching of the chorus when he reached the bridge. I saw he adjusted something at his ears when he was sitting on the stage (I don't know the name, but the function of that thing is to ensure that the singer hear the music clearly and they can get the right note). And after he adjusted it, he can hit the right note. So, maybe he can't hear the music very well before that. Good job Faizal. You manage to solve the problem.

That are my comments about the performance tonight. I'm not that professional in music. I just want to share my opinion.

So, ad I promised before, here's the list of 12 finalis for AJL.
Yuna - Penakut & Gadis Semasa
Ana Raffali, Suhaimi & Altimet - Kalau Berpacaran
Jaclyn Victor - Sedetik Lebih
Faizal Tahir - Karma
Hafiz - Awan Nano
Najwa Latif - Cinta Muka Buku
Project Pistol - Wanita Seluruh Dunia
3 Suara - Beribu Sesalan
Alyah - Kisah Hati
Monoloque & Atilia - Kekanda Adinda
Aizat - Sungai Lui

by the way, the date for AJL is 29th January 2012.
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