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Friday, 7 October 2011

Teater Semi Muzikal - Meriam

Wasap wasap korang?
Are you happy today?

I just come back from Dewan Agong Tuanku Cancelor (DATC). I watched a semi musical theater entitled Meriam with my girlfriends, Syikin (asyik asyik si kecik ni lagi kan!) and Wani! Wani, welcome to Shah Alam! (Korang semua, sila greet Wani! Say hi.) . I having so much fun. The theater was great.

It's all about a kid named Adik (he is the youngest out of three siblings). Adik has a brother named Abang (Owh, Abang dia sangat hensem!) and a sister named Kak Sue. Adik ni macam annoying and he's kinda ignored by his family members include his parents. His father scolded him because he always asks  a silly question, his mother always raise up her voice onto him because he wants a pair of red baju melayu for Raya while his mother already prepared an orange colour of baju melayu. Owh ya, I forgot to tell you that the time setting of this theater is fasting month, Ramadhan.

Adik's parents

The one in green baju melayu is Adik

Adik also being ignored by his brother and sister. His sister, Kak Sue cooked instant noodle for him (he is not fasting sebab tak cukup umur) and after he had finished all the foods, he refuse to wash his own dishes. And this situation make his sister became mad with him. I remembered Kak Sue's dialouge, "pandai makan, pandai la basuh!"

Ini Kak Sue

Adik's brother, Abang (a tall handsome guy) always dreamed to fight his own handmade bamboo cannon with the guys in the next door village. So, one day, Adik saw his brother prepares the bamboo cannon. Then Abang asks Adik to buy some cement from Kedai Apek (Apek ini sangat lucu ye!) and collect some coconut shell behind their house. Adik refuses but Abang forced him to do so.

Abang! *Saya tak dapat nak capture gambar dia depan2!* (Kecewa)

After that, (after all things are ready) both of them fire up the bamboo cannon. Unfortunately, their bamboo cannon does not make any noise or any big 'boom' sound. Abang is very disappointed. 

Adik has been bullied by the guys in the next door village because their bamboo cannon does not make any big noise. They laughed at Adik. Adik was very sad. Then he decides to to his own bamboo cannon. In his first try, he failed. Then he try and try again. But the bamboo cannon still doesn't make any 'boom'. Then adik take a look at the bamboo cannon's hole and unfortunately the cannon explode. Adik died at the scene.

So, that is the end of  the story about Adik. As I said before, this is a semi musical theater so, they are some backup singer and so-called orchestra (kecik je). Lagu-lagu memang mantap habis. Suara pun very impressive. I love all of the songs! Hey, pelakon dia pun pandai nyanyi tau!
The conclusion about this theater is never ignore your children even if he/she is not perfect like your other kids.

*Sobbing* Sedih tengok Adik meninggal.

Para pelakon teater ni I tak tahu dari fakulti mana. Tapi mereka memang yang terbaik dan hebat. Kan I dah cakap, students UiTM ni berbakat besar.

*I suka kat watak Abang tu, nama dia Syafik Razif*

Setiap kejadian mesti ada photoshoot kan? Haha!

Ok, itu sahaja untuk malam ini.


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