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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Modul Kemahiran Insaniah

Hello there! How are you people? I'm fine.

Today, I supposed to have my better sleep and I suppose to wake up late. But unfortunately I have my PPKP Module (Kemahiran Insaniah). *Nak jadi insan la sangat kan*. So, this thing really whack my off day. (My fac is actually having the off day in every Wednesday, Yippie!).

I woke up at 7.45 am today. It's totally an unofficial time for me to wake up in every Wednesday. It kills my beautiful dreams. (I dreamed about Zac Efron last night. Haha). I went to the module at 8.30 and when I reached the hall, I saw my course mates are still having their breakfast. The talk didn't start at all and the presenter pun tak nampak mana batang hidung. And I said in my heart, "gahhh! Malaysian memang tak pernah punctual in time". So, I take my breakfast with my buddy, Aini & Syikin. I'm had a little fun by eating the so-called fried noodle. Not my favourite, but what to do? It's free and free food is the most delicious food in the world.

I spent my precious 2 and a half hours to pay attention for a Building Network talk. Not interesting at all because his (the presenter) voice is so slow (I don't know whether it was a technical problems or what so ever). But before that he said he had sore throat. Maybe it's a good excuse of having a slow/smooth voice. 

After the talk, we were having our LDK. Owh, this is the most boring part in every PPKP module. Can you ever imagine that 20++ years old people are still having the LDKs, ice breaking, presentation on the kertas mahjong?? OMG! I'm speechless.

But thanks to the facilitator. You really made an effort for not making the class being the most BORED  class in the world. We enjoy the class so far. The most important point is, we had our free lunch & tea break too! Students really loves free foods kan? Include me. I love it most! So, I saved my MYR10 for today. =)

I met new friends today. Only a few of them. Most of them I've met in my past semester English class with Mdm Ananda. 

Having fun with my new friends. I love it.

So now I'm having my good time lying on my bed. Homework? Nahh, can I skip from doing my homework for this time? I need a rest. Mentally and physically. *Ala, esok kita top up la kerajinan kita balik, ye dop?*. So, bye bye design, numerical analysis & Deutsch Sprache. =)

Ow, before I forget, thanks ya for viewing my blog.

So, I want to have a rest. See you again tomorrow!


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