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5 People That You Should Consider Before You Add/Approved Them As Your Friend In Your Social Network Page

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In this entry, I wanna share about 5 People That You Should Consider Before You Add/Approved Them As Your Friend In Your Social Network Page.

I bet nowadays, most of teenagers, kiddos, the elders, students, parents, and who ever you are, I'm sure that you might have your own social network page/profile. Simple example, Facebook. Facebook is widely used by teenagers/students (tak kira la bawah umur ke, terlebih umur ke). 

It is fun when you have your own Facebook/Twitter @ yang sewaktu dengannya. It will be more fun when you are meeting new friends and long lost friends. But, do you ever discover some people that you should consider (or memang tak payah consider langsung pun) before you add/approve them as your friend? Have you ever think?

I've been using some of social network (MySpace, Hi5, Yahoo Mail, YM, Friendster, MIRC) since I was 12 years old. So by that time, I was having fun to approve unknown people as long as I have many friends. *Stupid betul masa tu*. But as the time goes by, (when I start using Facebook, Twitter, & Pocodot) I realize that we CANNOT SIMPLY add or approve people that we don't know. (So, I have reduce my 1000++ friends in my friend lists to 821 buddies only). So, in my friends list cuma ada my family members, friends       ( school mates, PLKN members, course mates, room mates), and some people that I might know in person.

So, ladies and gentleman, *Hehe*, now I will tell you (Based on my opinion only. If you don't agree, it's up to you), eople That You Should Consider Before You Add/Approved Them As Your Friend In Your Social Network Page.

1. Your Ex
Some people maybe feels sensitive when we ask about their ex-BF/GF. But some people can accept everything that had happened between them. So, in my opinion, I will not add/approve my ex into my friend lists. Why? The reason is, when you add/approve them, for sure they will stalk all of your profile/pictures and etc. And you will do the same thing to them back, right? (Yela, sapa la taknak tengok gambar bekas pakwe/makwe dorang kan. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau lama dah tak jumpa). I jenis yang will not come back to my ex. What goes around comes around. It's ok if he/she does not begging on to to accept them back (sometimes ex kita ni, kalau dah jumpa balik, the potential untuk bersama kembali is very high), but what if he/she begs you back? Then if at the same time you are not available, then it is possible for he/she to blackmail your partner and says something that might be not acceptable to your partner. Kalau korang dah berkahwin macam mana? Tak kan la rumah tangga korang nak berantakkan kan? So, before you add/approve your ex, please think twice or more. If both or you memang still friends after you break-up, it is ok to have them as your friend lists.

2. Your Parents Colleague.
I never add my parents colleague. Or even their closed friends too. Last few weeks, my cousin shared her story with me. One of her mom's colleague stalk her wall and then tells her mom about her status. I really pity her (seriously). We have our own right to type/talk what so ever we want in our FB. Thanks God, my aunty is a very sporting woman. I don't hinder you to add/approve them, but as I said before, think before you do. It's not worth your life to have a big quarrel with your parents about FB.

3.  People You NEVER Know
Having some mutual friend doesn't mean that you know that person. Maybe he/she just simple add/approve your friends. (Sebab nak dapat ramai kawan). I had many experienced with those type of people. They sent a friend request to me. But when I view their profile, I only had one or two mutual friends. And guess what, one of the mutual friend is MY DAD! haha. Memang sah lah budak-budak ini are my dad's students. Owh budak-budak nowadays! Sumpah I takkan approve. *Adik-adik, sila belajar dulu ye!*

4. Fake Artist
Ini memang trend dalam FB. Someone pretend to be their favourite artist. So, bagi people who so-called die hard fan like me adalah orang yang very very possible to be cheated by those people. Nak tak nak, tekan the Like Button and follow the fake people. (Minat punya sebab kan). Owh dunia!

5. Physco People
Physco a.k.a gila (owh so rude!). Itu yang palimg saya takutkan! Hey, sometimes orang yang kita kenal pun boleh jadi super physco tau! A friend of mine pernah terkena. My bestfriend. One of her friend in FB (someone that we know since we were in high school) start a chat with her. At first memang macam biasa la. Lama tak jumpa, so a long lost friend punya conversation pun terjadi. Bla bla bla. And then meleret ke SMS. Bla bla bla again. And sampai lah at the worst part, that person start to send some seductive messages and asking for her photos. And then he called her many times. Sometines benda ni terjadi and you will tak percaya this will happen to you and you will not believe that someone that you know (lebih lebih lagi kalau dulu you know them as a good person) buat you macam ni. So seram kan? So, tepuk dada tanya selera lah.

So people, please think before you do. Pesanan ini also ditujukan untuk adik-adik dibawah umur yang belum sedar diri tu masih kecik lagi tapi terhegeh nak ada FB (ikut trend la sangat). Nanti dah terkena, baru tahu.

If you ada ter-add/approve orang macam ini, you can just block them. It's for your safety. One thing, do not share some of your personal photos in your social network page. Gambar yang sexy sexy dedah sana dedah sini tu, better lagi you keep dalam hard disk. Hewhewhew. Sekarang ni zaman IT, people can sabotage your photos by editing it in the photoshop or other photo editor. Silap-silap haribulan, gambar you jadi "gambar hiasan" dalam Mastika. Hewhewhew. Same goes to your address, telephone number and your other personal details. (Pesanan ini ditujukan untuk saya jugak)

So guys, thank you for reading. I will share more and more opinions with you later.

12.05 am, nak tidor.


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