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Friday, 7 October 2011

Flamming Steamboat - All You Can Eat Buffet

Hi people!
Today is Friday. Yeay! Friday comes again! *melompat-lompat macam katak*

I bet korang memang suka kan Friday, because tomorrow is Saturday. So, apa lagi, cepat plans your weekend! 
(Terus ambil diary and write something) =)

I wanna share a place where you can have your unlimited steamboat buffet. It's Flamming Steamboat Reataurant. I went there twice. First visit is with Syikin, and the second one is with Syikin (again!) and Aini. 

Flamming Steamboat has two branches. The first one is at Setapak and the other one is near Sunway Pyramid. So, memang confirm confirm lah I went to the one that dekat dengan Sunway right? Nak pergi Setapak, jauh la der.

The price (during my first time) is MYR25 per pax. But when I went there last September, the price is MYR26++ (include tax). What say you? Bagi saya, berbaloi juga because you can melantak as much that you want! So, for those who's interested, sila kosongkan perut anda dulu! =)

They served all range of seafood (udang, crab, segala jenis sea shell and so on), noodles, rice, chicken dish, variety of drinks & desserts. Yang paling I suka adalah the marshmallow with chocolate dipping. Memang terbaek!

So, bagi yang ada BF/GF tu, you can bring your partner dinner kat sini la eh. FYI, their business starts at 5pm onwards. So, all you have to do is make a call (either  to the Setapak branch or Sunway Branch. Yang mana korang nak pergi), then you have to do your reservations. Simple right?

For further information, you can click on the link here
----> Sini Sini Sini! =) <-----
Boleh juga follow them kat Facebook (korang mesti ada FB kan? Hewhewhew) 
Type je Flamming Steamboat. =)

You can read their page about the buffet menu, promotions and so on.

Owh ya, for UiTM students yang interested, Flamming Restaurant had already open their third branch at Seksyen 33. Kat mana tu? Ce Google. =)

So, ladies and gentleman, enjoy your weekends!


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