Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thank You Liese!

Happy Independence Day! Merdeka! *semangat ni okae!*

Today saya beraya lagi. Hari nie beraya di rumah my ex-neighbour *but now still my cousin punya neighbour*. Sangat best! Kerana dapat berjumpa my childhood friend, Yati. Yati and I love to play Barbie Dolls when we were young. Kita orang main kat tepi pagar. Everyday without fail. Best giler kan! i slalu borrow Barbie Doll Yati because I don't have any. =(. Yati has many dolls. Too many. And I love their outfits too. They have their own shoes, dresses, bags and even make up. It's a wonderland right? One day, I got a Barbie Doll from some plastic bags that my aunt who lived in Brunei gave to us. The plastic contained many toys. And unfortunately, I found a Barbie Doll. I was very happy. From that day, I can play my own Barbie Doll with Yati. But I still borrow her Barbie's dress because my Barbie was naked. =(. 

After I beraya at Yati's house, I went to Bintang Mall with my cousin, Julian. I bought four VCD. =(. I bought  an Indonesian movie, Perjaka Terakhir 2 and three English movies which are The Last Song,Easy A and Something Borrowed. I don't know when will I watched all of them but after this I want to watch Perjaka Terakhir 2. I will update you about the story later. But if you are impatient, you can Google the summary by yourself. =)

Then, I bought a box of hair dye! OMG! I bought Kao Liese-Marshmallow Brown. This is not my first try in colouring my hair, but this my first try on light colour. I ask my mom to do it for me. =). Kao Liese is differ from other hair colour. It is bubble hair colour. I love the scent. So lovely. Sweet. It was just like you wash your hair at saloon. I like the bubble thing. =) . Interested? =) For further info about this products, I leave you the link Kao Liese! The result? Scroll down! =)

Okae, the upper part memang nampak terang sikit kaler brown. kat bawah tak sangat. But kalau kena cahaya, memang nampak. 

Aww, dan ini saja-saja gedik nak ambik gambar. haha.

Okae, gotta go now! Hey, I updated my blog love story already. Part 2. Here's the link--->Hatiku Milik Azalea (Part 2)

So, enjoy!

p/s: Tomorrow I will be in Bekenu. Beraya di sana pulak! For the first time. Beraya dengan ex-Sainsrian! =). Nak pakai baju ape ye esok? *wink*

Okae, Bai!


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