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Friday, 9 September 2011

Tax! Tax! Price Tag!

Hi! How are you? I'm fine, thank you. =)

Not in the mood to post something long like before. Sorry. =( OMG, I feel bad.

Life: Ok. Happy. I teach my cousin, as usual. Tomorrow is the last day before I will be going back to Shah Alam.

OMG, do you read that?? I will be going back to Shah Alam. It's mean that my HOLIDAY is towards its END!  Alamak!!

Feeling : Sad, heartbreaking, heartless because the HOLIDAY IS OVER!

Do I have something to be happy with?---> Yes!! I got angpow from Indai and Jon! Yeay!! Clap,clap,clap!
Thank you! Thank you!

I just finished watching Waiting For Forever. Love the story line. Will Donner is so cute! Damn cute. Dang!

Okay, enough with that. Back to the topic. Do you know that start from this 15th September, all of your top-up @ phone credit, no matter what kind of mobile operators that you use, they will IMPLEMENTING 6% SERVICE TAX on the prepaid/reload that you buy!

Shit! Means that, if you buy RM10 prepaid, you have to pay RM10.60. And I believe you know what that 60cents mean to you.

1sms costs you 1 cent, so 60 cents = 60 sms.
1 minute call costs you maybe 10cents, so 60 cents = 6 minutes.

Do you ever know how precious that 60 sms and 6 minutes of phone call??

So, start to reduce your love/goodnight sms and reduce your phone call. Better chat in Facebook chat. =). Keep your money for something else that worth your money.

I'm lucky because I don't have any special boyfriend. =). So no late night phone call and fishy sms. lalala!

p/s : Malaysian Government--> this people doesn't have money. Trust me. So cekik darah punya orang!

Angry mode.

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