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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Saya Cikgu Tuisyen

Have you read the topic? Well, today I became a teacher. A tutor to my cousins, Damien and Inggok. Well, both of them will sit for their first big big exam, UPSR. I do my best to help them.

Teaching people is not easy. You understand what you talk about, but does your students understand what are you talking about. I am not a good teacher. I can explain but I'm not confident that they understand what I am saying. 

It's difficult to explain something that not in the same level with what you are studying now. I'm afraid that some of my language/version/words are not legal for their syllabus. Sometimes I explain too complicated, which I understand what I am talking, but to them, it's too complicated. So I have to think a simple word that a twelve years old student can understand. The conclusion, being a teacher is not EASY as ABC. Trust me.

But, I will try my best for Damien & Inggok. There are some parts of Mathematics that I already forgot. I really sucks in fraction. I hate it. But thanks God, the fraction in UPSR syllabus is quite easy. 

Conclusion again : I don't want to be a teacher. Full stop.

Engineering, I adore you so much.

That's all.