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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Not in The Mood

Hi! Quick update. I hope this will not be that long.

Me : Quite fine. I'm full today. Mom cooked delicious food today.
Financial : I'm totally broken. I spent my precious 50MYR for 11 VCDs. Thank you. This is not including the previous VCDs I bought.
Activity : Finished watching Water for Elephant, American Pie (Opss!), Perjaka Terakhir 2, Easy A, Love Wedding Marriage, Something Borrowed, The Last Song. Four more VCDs to go!

Celebrating Raya? ---> No.

Holiday : Almost towards its end. *Packing mood* but my hearts not in.
Hope : Time fly 200% fast that usual so that I can finish my Degree. I'm sick of studying. Next, Master. End.

Photographs: No photos for today. Maybe later or tomorrow. I hope so.
Bath : Not yet. Urghh. FYI, its 2.37 pm. Thanks.

What to do next : Bathing of course. Then go to Cynthia's house. Got stories to share.
Love : Next time. Bye!


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