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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Marry You and It Is Officially A Marriage.

I wanna MARRY you. It's a lovely phrases. When your dreamed guy tells you that he wants to marry you, your world become upside down. From a single woman, you will be a wife. And from a wife, you will a mother. The responsibility on your shoulder become bigger.

First, COMMITMENT. You must give your 100% commitment to your husband. You must understand him. People say, if you want to know your spouse's true colour, try to live with them for at least one day. You will discover everything that he didn't show to you when both of you are in love. Commitment is a promise and it is like a contract that you have to follow. Never ever break your commitment. Because when you break it, you will ruin everything. 

Second, TRUSTWORTHY. You have to put your trust in your spouse. Trust is very important in life. Never break your spouse's trust. When you tie the trust in your heart, nothing can break the trust. Never trust other more that you trust your spouse. 

Third, LOVE. When you say 'I Do', it means that he will be your husband, and she will be your wife. BUT it doesn't mean that your love ends. You should give your love more and more each day. Never let your love die.

So, still want to live as a married person? Ask yourself. If you can't, please don't. Please do not break the sacred of marriage.

Choice is still yours.


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