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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Guten Tag!

Guten Tag! *wink* Dou you see my post title?? It's German! I went to my first German class in my life today. I had so much fun! I love it! Everything went well as I expected. I love my new friends. I love my lecturer. Frau Haslina. Frau means Madam. She is very friendly and sweet. She looks alike one of my friend, Hazel. A woman version of Hazel. =)

Today, I was the only one Structure student in my German class. But, luckily, my friend, Soso also in the same class. Thanks God. After that, I knew that my classmate, Sha also in the same group with me. But today she escaped the class. hehe.

For this German class, I have to buy the Studio D text book for MYR 100. *Kaching kaching kaching* Money money lai lai! This is not my first experience in learning foreign language as I studied French before. Hey, my frau also studied French before. What a coincidence! Happy again!

My roomate is going to stay at her sister's house at Putrajaya this weekend. So, the room is officially mine. *Sorry Pipah! I'll make sure that the room is clean and tidy* By the way, I miss Wawa. =(

Any plan for tomorrow?? No, I don't. Since I don't have any boyfriend yet, so I don't have any date for tomorrow. But maybe I will spend my time with Syikin, my cute buddy. Ina and Aini will be going back to their home. So, tomorrow is the 'eating Raya biscuits' session'. Haha.

Movie? Not for this weekend. Hope so. I have to keep my money. * My piggy bank is smiling wide and wider* haha. So many hutang ma...But I plan to watch Sam's new movie, Bini Biniku Gangster that will be released on 22nd September. So I have to keep at least MYR 15 for the movie ticket!

Yesterday's photo? Oh ya! Not in this blog maybe. Please check them out in my Facebook. =)

I feel sick today. I think my body temperature is rising. Why ah? Shah Alam is so hot maa! Grrr!

Okae, that's for now. If I have free time later, I will update my blog again.

p/s: Hatiku Milik Azalea is still in the 'making'. Be patient aa..=) Sorry, I'm kinda busy lately.


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