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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bukan Insan Biasa.

Selamat malam semua. * Saya menaip post ini pada pukul 11.30pm yerr* Cehh, nak tunjuk yang saya ni tidur lambat la tadi kan. Haha. =)

Okae, back to the topic. Bukan Insan Biasa @ Not An Ordinary Person. God had created everyone of us different in shape and other physical appearance. We do have the same numbers of eyes, nose, ears, hands, legs, fingers and etc. But He created us in a different appearance. I have a dark brown eyes and hair, and you maybe have black eyes and hair. Why we are different? Why don't we have the same face, same size, same height? Why? Why?

Can you tell me why?

My opinion
God creates differences in us because He knows our strength. For example, He created a tall guy, and He gives that guy a talent in playing basketball. He made a man/woman without their eyes because He don't want them to see the scary world or even war. But, He gives them talents to make them improve their lives. For example, Stevie Wonder. He is a blind man but he is great in playing the musical instruments. See? We are special. We are not an ordinary person.

So, what am I saying here is, whoever you are, what ever weaknesses you have, you must not let your confidence level down. You must be strong. You must find out what is your strength. Nobody will gonna help you unless you help yourself. Everyone of us has our own talent. All we have to do is to dig the talent out from our inner side. Never let the talent hidden behind. Otherwise you yourself will lost everything. 

Jadi, kepada kawan-kawan yang kita suka *perghh, tiru ayat Zahiril Adzim jap*, jangan lah kita merasa sedih kerana kita tidak sehebat orang lain, kerana sesungguhnya kita ADA kelebihan. Mungkin kita sendiri belum nampak atau sengaja pura-pura tidak nampak. Jadi, mulai hari ini, MARI KITA MENGGALI KELEBIHAN KITA YANG TERSEMBUNYI! Ayuh!


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