Saturday, 3 September 2011

Boredom Please Go Away!

Date : September Three Two Thousand Eleven.
Day : Saturday
Time : Twenty Four Hours
Venue : Home

I lived in BOREDOM  today. I watched, sing, laughed, danced, eat, sighed. All these things & activity equals to BOREDOM. I rather kill myself for living in such a fucking shit day. OMG, my words are too harsh. I'm 23, so the words are legal.

When you get older, your life is more boring. You cannot cry and yell in the shopping mall or in front of the toys stores if you have something that you want to buy. All you can do is, you sit at the corner of your room and CRY! And hurt your own feeling.

What am I talking here? Have fun with those pictures! * I really don't know what to say*

Random wish : Reduce Typographical Error. Dang!

The dog looks cute when it's bored, but I look like a crazy woman!

Yea, it's killing me!


So, protest BOREDOM!! Come on! Give me ten!


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