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Saturday, 6 August 2011

what our life meant to be

When I was in primary school, I wanted to be an air stewardess. But my mom said, I were too fat and no one will accept me as an air stewardess. But I still wanted to be a FA. This is because in that time, I never board an aeroplane. That is why I am very interested. I was thinking, it must be so much fun when you are "flying" and you can see the view of Earth from above. Every time I were asked to fill the blue card, I will write "pramugari" as my first ambition. I think if my class teacher read it, she would laugh at me. whoaaa! 

In high school, I let my first ambition fly away. =(. This is because, I cannot control my eating habit. haha. I gained weight a lot! A LOT! So,  my next ambition is to be a doctor @ gynecologist. I fall in love with the white uniform. It looks cool and clean. So, when I was in form 4 & 5, I tried to fall in love with biology subject. Yes, I do fall in love! yeay! But falling in love does not mean that I have the interest in that subject. I just falling in love in my first class. For the rest of the class, I have no interest at all. Seriously! And I feel bad. I always failed my Biology tests. Same with Chemistry. I NEVER had a chemistry with Chemistry. It sucks man! Yea..shame on me, I've got C5 for my Chemistry. C for Chemistry and B for biology. urghh..Physics? I hate it before I entered my form 4. Why I hate it? It is because Physics has so many formula that MUST be remembered. Looks like hell ya? 

6 years later...
Hurmm...It has been 6 years I left my school life. My age is getting older dude. And there are so many things happen in my life. I fail and I succeed. I had been experienced both condition within this 6 years. I went to Matriculation and I fail to continue my degree. I took the last choice that I never thought DIPLOMA. In my diploma, I try to learn how to standing high than other. I try to love what I hate before. And yes, I succeed. I love Physics more than before. Thanks to Mdm. Rosyaini. She made me have faith in Physics. I scored very well. And I were very happy. After I finish my diploma, I can continue what I left behind. A DEGREE. Sometimes I feel sad. Because all of my friends are in their final year of degree and some of them are pursuing their master while I was starting my first semester in my degree. But, never mind. God created a beautiful life for me. I am an engineering student for now, but a great engineer to be. I will.

p/s : Flashback in the year of 1997.
I was in Year 3.
Venue: 3 Merah, SK Pujut Corner Miri.
Time: English Class.
I had been through this conversation.
Mdm Sirra : Sophia, what is your ambition?
Me : I want to be an ENGINEER. (in that time, I just said the word Engineer because I was shame if she knows I want to be an air stewardess)

Conclusion: Now, I am an ENGINEER to be. See, sometimes the things that we said without any sense will come true. *cross fingers*

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