Monday, 29 August 2011

what does happy means?

When I digging my old school magazines few days ago, I accidentally read my friends wishes at the last page of my magazine. Some said 'good luck', some said 'all the best', some said 'stay cute'..=) *owh, my nostril become bigger* and some said 'BE HAPPY'. 


I love when someone wish me to be happy. Why? Because happiness is the thing that we cannot buy. But we can offer a pray to someone who seeking for their happiness. It does not mean that I don't like the 'good luck' wish. I love them too, but for me luck is everywhere. Everybody may find their luck everywhere. Without notice. Found a coin below the table, it's luck. Hit the first prize in Magnum 4D, it's luck. Someone treats you for the dinner, it's luck. See, it's everywhere. But happiness? Do you find every second?

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. True or not? You judge it by yourself. =)

You are lucky because you found a coin under the table, but does your empty heart feels happy forever? you hit the first prize, but does the feeling makes you happy in your entire life? You are full enough when your friend treat you, but do you really happy for tomorrow? If you are happy, you are lucky and you deserved it. But if you don't, you should find your own happiness.

We cannot make everyone happy. But the most important is you can make yourself happy. Happiness does not have sale or discounts. It is fixed price item. That is why money cannot buy happiness. 

I'm happy with my life. I admit that i do have problems in life. Problems with my self, my family, my friends, my financial, my study but, I do happy with everything. Seriously, I do. 

But, why my heart is still empty? There is a big hole inside. Too many void. And nobody can fit and close the void. 

I still seeking for my own happiness. I know the time will come. My heart says it will. 

So, what does happiness means to you? Ask yourself. Because only you know what do you want.

a road to be happy is God,

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