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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

juadah favourite di Hari Raya.

Still beraya? =). Saya sudah! I'm done with my kunjung-mengunjung activity. =) Sangat kenyang. Blurp.

Today kitaorang serang rumah Aunty Suzie beramai-ramai. Yeay! Big buddy, here we come! =)

Hari ni makan dengan banyaknya! I spell it once again B.A.N.Y.A.K a.k.a M to the A to the N to the Y. Diet? Ahh, lupakan diet untuk hari ini. Bukannya selalu pun. * Ayat-ayat bajet untuk menutup kesedihan di hati. Padahal, Arghhhh!!!!!!!* *blwekk*

Okae, back to the topic. Juadah favourite di hari raya. I bet, everyone has their own favourite dish when Hari Raya comes.

Here's my favourite one:

My number one favourite dish. Kelupis. Similar to lemang, but different ways of cooking. Kelupis is a popular rice-based snack. Half-cooked glutinous rice is wrapped in the leaves of daun irik, a local tropical plant and then steamed. The steaming process allows the fragrant aroma of the leaves to permeate the cooked rice. I love the plain kelupis. Because I can eat it with rendang and curry. 

Next, Rendang Tok. Before this i never know what is the diffrence between rendang and rendang tok. I'm bad in comparing foods. *seriously*. So I search some info in the internet and I finally discover what is the difference. Rasa gembira dan bangga!haha. Rendang Tok is a little bit dry, and ordinary rendang is a little bit wet. The taste is differ. I ate Rendang Tok last Raya. Dilla's grandma made it. Apa yang cheq boleh bagitau kat ampa semua, rendang yang tok masak memang SEDAP!

Last but not least, Kuih Lapis Sarawak. The symbol of Sarawak. I prefer the steam one, not the baked one. It is smooth and delicious. I love my mother-made cake. I don;t prefer the layer cake that been sold in the market or kiosk. Because sometimes the cakes were not that delicious enough. Biasalah, nak budget the ingredients. Harga mahal tapi tak sedap mana pun. So, better buat sendiri je. We choose the ingredients. And we satisfy.

Okae, that's all. Tu je juadah yang saya sangat suka. Other than that, I suka lemang & ketupat.

Korang suka juadah apa pulak? Share with me. =) Leave your comments!


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