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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi semua. You all pe kabar? Saya baik-baik je. Sihat sangat! haha. 

I went to Bank Islam just now. Hurmm, buat ape lagi, bayar segala hutang piutang dengan UiTM la. I spent my 910MYR for the hostel and tuition fees. I used my daddy's money. huhu. Pity me, I still use my parents money although I'm 23 years old. By logic, I am the one who supposed to give my parents some money. But what happen now is vice versa. 

Done with the fees. I'm posting this post bukan untuk bercakap tentang my fees, dear. I want to talk about my new boyfie, Mr Inspira. OhMyGod! Inspira is so handsome! *melting!*. More handsome than Mr Pesona. The red metallic Inspira that I saw just now, was so hot! * But the driver was not that hot!* Nevermind, whatever it is, the car is superb. I don't care what professional car lover said about that car, * they say Inspira is a model that imitate Mitsubishi Lancer*, but I JUST DON'T CARE. The car is so gorgeous. 

Luckily, my dad saw that car too. So, I had a good time to cucuk-cucuk my dad lah. haha. I suggest him to buy an Inspira. cehh...Duit dia dah melayang RM 910 tadi aku cekik. haha. Sekarang ni ada hati nak mintak beli Inspira. hehehe. 

Takpe, nanti bila I dah kerja, I will make sure yang I will have that Inspira. *waktu ni, azam untuk bekerja sangat tinggi, lubang hidung kembang nak bagai ni*. haha. Okae, bagi you all yang maybe berminat nak tahu full details and specification tentang kereta ini, here's the link--->INSPIRA!, the price pun ada kat situ. But this is the listed price by that time la. Maybe di tempat anda harganya lain. So ladies and gentleman, enjoy!

Here's some photos for you!
Inspira =)

the boot!

one word: gorgeous!

bulu-bulu bear,

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