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Thursday, 4 August 2011

not a big story.

Hi dear! It seems that my blog looks abandoned. I'm so sorry. I'm not really busy, but I do not have any story that I wanna share. Besides, I do not feel that I want to type some story here. Sometimes, there a time that we do not have a news to share. 

Ok fine! Back to the post. This week I was very busy applying the JPA scholarship. this is my second application. And I hope that I get this scholarship. The offer was not that bad. But I have to serve the government in 6 years. Oh no! i have a big plan for myself right after I finish my degree. I want to continue to master. After that, I will find myself a job. But, it is ok if i serve the government, as long as I get the scholarship. It's all about money. I need money right now! urghh... $$ sucks!

Hey! The movie - Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak was in-show at Astro first!! And the worst news is, I did not subscribe Astro First! One more booooo! Well, I have to buy the pirate VCD again! urghh... Now I am the big fan of pirate VCD. 6MYR only. It's cheap right. It is half price of the TGV/GSC ticket. I mean weekend ticket. 

Love story ♥♥.. fall for Fedi Nuril once again. He is handsome. LOL. I won't wish that I could fine another man like him, but I want to find him! haha..shame on me...booo! aku x kesah! haha..

Health - I'm always healthy. haha. On diet..uhuh? off record please!haha..

Okay, that's for now. I'll share something big later! Loves!


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