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Monday, 15 August 2011

having fun with Sophie

Monday strikes again! =). Starting from today, my weekday will be 50% empty. This is because I cannot watch my favourite Indonesian soap opera, Dewi. My father refuse to subscribe the Astro Indo Pek. Dad, it is only 12MYR maa! 
arghh! Baim Wong!!!!

As what we promised before, today, Sophie and I are having our lunch together. Sophie fetched me with her green Myvi at my home around 11.15 am. At first we were planning to have our lunch at Tudan-Permyjaya McD. 

But then Sophie said her class will start at 4.30, (she escaped her 2.30pm class.haha), so she decided to go to Bintang Mall a.k.a Parkson. We refuse to have our lunch at McD because I said, I was having GCB last night. 

Then we go to Sugar Bun. I ordered the 2 pieces chicken+yellow rice while Sophie ordered fish and chips.



We had a very long conversation. We talk about our past time when we were in high school, we talked about our future, we shared some ideas and information. We cannot stop talking! We didn't met for two years i think. I cannot remember when our last met. That is why we cannot stop mumbling here and there.

After that, we moved to Boulevard. Sophie did her "coupon shopping", and I just looking around. I don't know what to buy. So I decided to keep my money for my next visit. Actually today I was very disappointed when I cannot find my favourite sandal from Bonia at Parkson just now. I was thinking to buy that sandal, as I was keeping my eye on it since a year ago. I didn't mind if the sandal is still in fixed price ( the actual price is 99.90MYR) because I really love the sandal. And it is very comfortable and perfectly nice. Maybe I was too late. =( . I wish I could grab it before. 

At The Boulevard, we were having our favourite McD ice cream, Chocotop. Sophie and I have so many similarity in our life. We love the same ice cream, and we have a very good chemistry and the most important thing, we have the same name's origin. My name is Sophia, and her name is Sophilea. We are born to be a best friend forever! 

I arrived at my house at 4.26pm and Sophie rushed to her campus. Thanks a lot for the ride Sophie! =)

p/s : I'm having my wonderful dinner with my beloved parents! 
conclusion for today : fat..fat...fat..and fat = stomach ache ----> best place to sleep is in the toilet!!


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