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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

a happy single woman

Selamat dan selamat semua! Dah lama Cik Arabella tak update blog Cik ni. *perghh...da mcm ayat Abg Nara*.hehe..Malam ni, saya agak jiwang sedikit. Bagi yang serious tu, mungkin saya ni jiwang banyak. Ok, tetiba pulak saya nak berkongsi pendapat mengenai lelaki-lelaki idaman saya. Yelah, aritu ada sorang kawan ni dok antar sms kat saya. Dia cakap, saya dah 22 tahun, takkan tak ada boyfriend lagi. Bercakap mengenai boyfriend ni, Cik Arabella bukan tak pernah bercinta. Pernah. Cinta monyet. Tapi itu dulu-dulu. Zaman sekolah rendah gitu. *cewah*. So, saya ni tak la desperate sangat macam orang yang tak pernah bercinta langsung kan. Saya pernah bercinta 2 kali. These are the official one. 
The first one was during my primary school. I liked the boy since I was in Year 2. See, I knew what is love so early. haha. His name? Ok, let say that his name is S. We declared when we was in Year 5. And we broke up when we was in Year 6. By that time, I never know what is "break up" means. Only he declared that we were breaking up. For me, we are still a couple. When we were in high school, I officially broke up and I was single again. 

So, I was a single woman since then. Until I had a new boyfriend when I was in matriculation. This is my top secret. And I am not going to tell anybody about this one. All I can say about my second relationship is IT WAS A TERRIBLE LOVE. Stress!! And it was a big lesson for me. 

Besides, I had a few "stupid relationship". Why I called then a stupid relationship? This is about falling in love with a person that I never met and we were connecting through phone. Kinda shit, right! Hell yeah. Stupid me. Bla bla bla...I got my lesson from this stupid relationships. I spent lots of money to top up my phone, and I can finish my credits just in one hour. Crazy thing I have done. I wish I keep the money for myself. 

So, since then I never commit in any serious relationship. Being single does not mean that I am very demanding or a choosy person. It just that I am not ready yet for a relationship. I hate a lot of commitments. I hate ice breaking between peoples. I hate to start something new. If I can choose who I want, I would choose a man that I knew for a long time and he knew who I am. So, there is no ice breaking session between us. Maybe, I was born to be a happy single woman. That's it. 

I can go shopping wherever I want!

p/s : but still, two is better than one right? so, just go with the flow. let the time decide.
love and hate,

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