Monday, 22 August 2011

big girl don't cry

Today is 22nd of August. Means that I am 23 years and 1 day old. Horay! I give you ten! So now I am one year older, more mature, gorgeous, beautiful, cute, and superb. Wah! 

Thanks to God the Almighty for these wonderful 23 years that I had lived. It was a WONDERFUL life. 

Thanks to all of my friends, family & teachers that posted on my Facebook wall. I really appreciate your wishes. I raped the "LIKE" button for hundreds times. Sorry! haha.  I enjoyed my birthday by reading your wishes and reply them. I am sorry if there are some wishes that I didn't reply. But I quite sure that I replied all of your wishes.

There is no birthday celebration for this year. My mom said, I have to wait for my big fat brother to coming home. No birthday cake, no candles, no balloons, no party. =( . This situation makes me feel older. Yea, I'm old.

No presents for this year! Because I didn't celebrate with my friends. Hehe. Friends always give me some birthday presents. I miss that moment. hehe. 

Looks like my birthday is the most boring day that I ever had. Is it? But never mind, I still have fun with my parents, my aunties, my cousins and everyone. We eat a lot yesterday. My mouth was non-stop munching yesterday. That is the best part for yesterday.

No special wishes from boyfriend. Alamak! I hope I will get  my dreamed wish next year. So I have 365 days to find my Mr Perfect! haha. 

Oh ya, thanks to Celcom for giving me free calls and messages 7 days in a row! But unfortunately, I don't have someone special to hang on. =(. Damn! Rugi3! It's been 3 years I didn't use this great opportunity to make Celcom loss their profit. Huhu. 

Okae, I think that's all for today. =). Gotta talk to you later! Bubbye!


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