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Friday, 26 August 2011

akhir-akhir ini saya gemar menonton

Watching movies! Itulah yang saya ingin share ngan korang. Tapi saya tidak menonton di cinema. Saya menonton di rumah je. =) Miri's Cinema dah pindah kat shopping mall yang sememangnya jauh dari rumah saya, so, I reduce my 'watching movies' activity. Plus, I can keep my money kan? A better way to keep money. 

Okae. So, sekarang ini saya cuma menonton filem di TV saja. Bukan dalam Astro First ye, tapi di Diva Universal Channel (Astro 702). The movies are quite nice. I'm very impressed. Dulu masa channel tu milik Hallmark, takde pulak movie yang best-best macam tu. Selalunya dorang tayang movie yang lama-lama je. Ala, kiranya macam Astro Prima tayang cerita P.Ramlee berkali-kali la tu. 

Tapi dalam DUC ini, the movies semuanya best-best. The first movie I watched is Three Weeks, Three Kids. Memang best. Lebih-lebih lagi, saya memang minat cerita romance, comedy, family ni. I tak suka cerita yang horror and lawan-lawan. Saya suka yang happy ending giteww. =)

Then I watched Husband For Hire. Dimana saya melihat Mark Consuelos buat pertama kalinya. He is so gorgeous! After that, I watched Just Breathe & today I watched The Edge of The Garden.

Apa yang best tentang movie yang saya tonton hari ini adalah, saya suka time setting movie tu. There are two time settings. 1960 & 2011. Cerita ini memang tak wujud di alam nyata la. Tapi dalam movie ni, saya terbawa-bawa pulak. =). 

This is the synopsis about the story:

Rob Estes ... Brian
Sarah Manninen ... Nora
David Lewis ... Thomas
Kelly Monaco ... Julie

Can one man change a whole town’s history in a single moment? Brian Connor (Estes) is about to find out. A job-obsessed corporate man whose fiancĂ©e (Monaco) has just walked out on him, Brian gets a lesson in love and loss when he buys a charming but rundown old cottage in the countryside of Maine. Brian soon figures out he isn’t so alone when strange things start happening: lights mysteriously flicker, voices echo through the halls, and, strangest of all, fresh bouquets of flowers appear around the house when the garden outside is neglected. Curious, Brian wanders down the garden path and finds the spirit of Nora (Manninen), a beautiful woman who is quite literally living in the past! While Brian looks around and sees nothing but weeds, Nora sees a beautiful, blooming garden-just how it was when she lived in the house in the 1960s. Realizing they are living in the same house, fifty years apart, Nora and Brian form a special friendship. But can Brian break through the time barrier to protect Nora from her abusive husband (Lewis) and save her life? Or will history repeat itself?

Source: Internet.

Kalau korang suka story yang macam ni, korang boley try ushar web Diva Universal----> disini!disini!. Ada schedule rancangan, so korang boleh tau la bila movie ni diulang. =)

That's all for now,

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