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Thursday, 7 July 2011

my B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L life

Hi loves! how are ya? lama x update my blog ni...well, sy d kampung...so, i think line xde la....tp one day i try and try my bb, atas katil my inek, n then i tgk ada line!yahoo!!haha...well, bila da di kampung tu, mmg banyak benda i did....i went fishing.,.digging the ginger plants, collecting the kuini, nanas and other organic vegetables...haha...it's cool huh!really2 cool!and i love what i did...well, Nomo is getting happier here...Nomo is getting fat!!haha...she is turning one kilogram! makan x brenti..haha..and i bet Doree pun makin gemuk jg kan...kan Doree??hehe...when i talk about kampung, i always remember my childhood time..it was a beautiful memories...and i miss all of my kampung friends...i do nothing today...but maybe later i will collect the kuini again...and selling tthem again and again..hahaha...oklah, that's all for today....i love you all and i miss u!bubbye!

p/s : i miss u lah! *bujang baju belang2*..hahaha....

love and hate, 
*cinta ini hanya milik kita berdua*

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