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Friday, 24 June 2011

~~ single?? not a big deal! ~~

SINGLE?? nahhh...not a big deal for me..might not a big deal for you too. if yesterday i was crying on the floor because i had a argument with my super duper handsome boyfriend, today i laughed happily because i am single. so, what is the point of being in a relationship with someone? being single is not a annoying situation for me. 10 years of being single *consist of 5 years of being single and not available and 5 years of being single and available* give me lots and lots of fun. instead of spending my money to buy credits, i can keep my money for a vacation. the more people in love, the more money maxis, digi, celcom n umobile get...haha. i had an experience before. in the year of 2006, a long distance relationship with a guy *now i may say a dumb guy!! shit!! * . from 10 MYR a week, i increase my total budget for buying the credits to 30 MYR a week...super duper dumb of me. but the relationship does not going well. we were quarreling all night long, cried and cried *shit! *..and quarrel for a stupid issue. and thanks God, it's end! in these 5 years, i'm single and available , i only spend 10 MYR in 1 month! haha...and yet, i can keep more and spend more on shopping. yeay! so, for me the word SINGLE is not a big deal for me. it's my life, and i live my happy life.

p/s : the more you love, the more you hurt.

love and hate,
* orang kebanyakkan yang cinta pada dirinya sendiri*


  1. aku suka single sbb free mok flirt dgn mana2 org aku maok =)

  2. yup..true2!..kita bebas flirt ngan sapa2 jak nak...single=liberty..