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Thursday, 23 June 2011

~~ NOMO!!! ~~

hari ni ade kucing mai rumah saya.tataw la kucing laki ke pempuan ke. x sempan eden nak nengok jantina nye. but, whatever his/her gender is, his/her name is Nomo! i love you Nomo. so, the first meal that i serve for Nomo is hotdog!!haha..a delicious one. and nomo likes it. ok, from now on, ur meal is hotdog, if u are getting bored of it, then i will change ur meal. oh Nomo...cepatlah membesar. i do not have any interest in cat because i love dog. but for Nomo, i will try to be a good owner.. *owner ke? btol x bahasa aku ni..main lantak je* ok then, Nomo is waiting. here i come Nomo..

p/s i'm still hoping that a puppy come to my house..

love and hate,

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