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Thursday, 23 June 2011

mummy's konvo

well...sorry for not updating this blog...actually i really don't know how to make myself comfortable with my blog.it seems to be very new to me when i have to type or share something here. but i will make it much fun to all of you who read this. well, last week is my mum's convo. CONGRATS MUMMY!! i'm very proud of you...it was a nice holiday.hehe.wuih...patah kaki i jalan2 kl taw..haha..kl, i heart you so much. i have to wait until september to conquer you again. i don't but many things in kl, because i'm running out of money. i just bought a lovely purse *i can say it purse* because my dear cousin bought one,and i think it was lovely, so i picked one..then i bought a cute little handbag *i can say it is a handbag* , i bought a flat sandal from Vincci. this is really lovely...and last but lot least, i bought malaysian football team's jersey..the yellow one..the blue one not fit on me, so i have to pick the yellow one..but i adore it! barca, u're next...i'll keep my money for u..hehe..ok, that's all tof now..love you..love you..

love and hate,

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