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Saturday, 25 June 2011

does piggy bank really keeps?

Hi loves! happy late afternoon! =) so, back to the topic, does piggy bank really keeps? does it? or do you? i  started to keep my money in my piggy bank since i was little. i love coins. *yes, i really do*. especially when it comes to a big big number. today, i still have my own piggy bank but it is not a really piggy bank. it was just a money box. i keep my extra coins in it. besides that, i started to keep one MYR per day as i wish to have a vacation in 3 years later. *Brazil, here i come..in my dreams, but a dreams maybe come true, right?* but the question is, does piggy bank really keeps? with no interest, bonus or refund. what if you secretly take the money for something that you cannot excuse? do you pay back those that you secretly took? i had been keep 90 MYR in my piggy bank, and last week i took for about 20 MYR from it. and until now i do not pay it back. it is easy to keep, but it is not easy to pay what you take. i spend more than i keep. that is the fact. when i go shopping, i do not care about the brand because nowadays the unbranded things are more expensive than the branded one. so, think before you buy. but, if you feel doubt about the things that you wanna buy, it is better for you to keep your money and let the things go. so, you will never regret and yet, you can keep your money in your piggy bank. by then, your piggy bank really keeps!

                                                                  my little piggy bank =)

p/s : so how about yours, love?

love and hate,
*i love a man who keep more that he spend*

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