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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What To Expect When You Are Expecting.


2015 is almost end and this is my first entry of the year. 

I don't know why my interest on writing/typing become less and less. Same with reading. I used to love reading novels before. I enjoyed them. But now, all of them are just like a History textbook to me. But above all, I never get bored with singing. 

I turned 27 this year. I'm in mynlate twenties right now but my life hasn't start. I still mingling around. When I recalled back my 'life plan' that I planned years and years ago, when I was in my high school, at the age of 27, I suppose to live a married life with a super gorgeous husband and have kids. Two kids to be exact. Oh dear, I am still alive, thanks God and still single. 

So what to expect when you are expecting? I don't have the correct anawer for it. I don't even know the answer.

There are things that I don't expect to happen, but it happen. I complete my Masters, and this is an invisible dream and it was not a part of my plan. I applied for a teacher's post, which is totally out of my study field. I speak English. Ya, I speak English. I do part time jobs to earn money. I never thought that I will do multiple jobs just to earn a single cents. Thought that I get a job straight away after I completed my study. 

Things are not always happen according to plan. We plan on a straight road, but we don't include the curvy-bumpy-hilly road. And sometimes we don't even imagine there is a big hole on the road and if we walk on it, we fall. We never plan to fall.

It is good when we don't include the hole in our plan, but it is wrong if we don't include the way on how to rise after we fall. Because if we don't, we will not succeed.

So what to expext when you are expecting? Always have a Plan B. When the first's doesn't work, use the second road.

I've been there and I don't reach my destination yet. When will I reach them? i don't know, because I'm giving up on expectation and I just go with the flow.

Not a daydreamer,

Bila Malas Dah Hilang

Wohoo! Lama gila tak menjenguk, apatah lagi menjeling belog nih. Tu la, dulu zaman Hanis Zalikha femes, kau nak jugak buat belog. Last last belog entah kemana, kau entah kemana. Hamis Jalikha dah jadik retis, kau? Sopiah Sopiah. Eh, buat bisnes popiah lah kau.

Aku bizi.

Alasan paling hadap dalam dunia bila tak sempat nak tulis belog. Padahal, bangun pagi sampai tutup mata, mengadap laptop je kerjanya. Boleh pulak cakap bizi. Bizi buat apa?

Aku tengok drama lah. Happy pills. Melihat sisipan jejaka jejaka hensem melalui lensa mata dan memantul ke skrin laptop. Amboi, puitis sungguh bahasa. Puitis ke. Puihh. Asal aku rasa pelik je dengan ejaan puitis nih. Betul ke idokkk, jap..google jap.

Bila la nak jadi independent dan berhenti menggoogle. Menggoogle. Sumpah pelik. Kalau sebut tak pelik pulak kan. Eh, asal kita tak pernah cakap, mengyahoo, mengbing, dan sebagainya? Kesian depa, depa nak jugak femes.

Assignment banyak.

Dah namanya student, memang la assignment banyak pandai! Abis tu kalau taknak assignment banyak menggunung, takyah belajar. Eh, jap jap jap, kau siapkan dengan menggunakan buah fikiran kau ke semua assignment tu? Ke kau culik idea encik Google. Pandai kau nokkk.

Eh, kalau macam tu, kahwin je la ngan encik Google. Senang. Dia ada segala jawapan.

Hey, mana boleh! Nanti takda zuriat.


Aku tau, kau nak jugak Lee Dong Wook. Macam la dia nak kat kau. Meluat. Tapi sampai la ni tak jumpa ponnnnnn. Ponnnn...ponnnn...ponnnn. Hoi, jangan seru!

Apa kes?

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


It's been a while.

I mean it.

2013, I didn't write much. Yea. Sangat busy. I am a very busy woman. *oh please*. Sorry blog, I abandoned you this year.

The last day of 2013. I wanna make this post special. *cehhh*

2013. Many things happen to me. But the biggest event is my convocation. Yeay. I am officially graduated. A degree holder. Dreams come true. 

I took the longest path in my life to succeed. People around me know how much I try to achieve a scroll. Quit from matrix (not quitting actually, I failed my math in my second semester), I start from scratch and pursuing diploma because I don't want to repeat my matriculation study. Hell yes, 3 years behind others. 

Seeing your best friends and schoolmates straightly continue their degree after matriculation, while you sitting in your room and un-employed for 6 months, what is more hurt than that? Thank you daddy, for always be there. Give me support. I know I point the right person to keep my secret. Only he knows about that.

Today, I can smile. Smile widely for what I had achieved. I thank for my past. Without it, I would not be here.

Second big event in 2013 is my decision to continue my masters degree. Work or study. I had to choose either one. Part time study is not acceptable. Mom said she's willing to pay for my tuition fees of I straightly continue after degree but if I continue after I get a job, I have to pay for my own. So, what is the better choice? You tell me. 

A little bit tension to make a right decision. But this chance only come once in a lifetime. So, here I am! Thank you mom. Thank you. Stay strong with me for another one year. 

I got new friends too! Hanim, Yana, Tim, Daus and Mizzi. Not to forget, Kak Raja, Kak Ani and other new class mates. New environment, new surrounding, deal with some people that older than me, it makes me more matured and different. Good for me. 

I scored 8 out of 25 wishes in my 2013's checklist. Well done Sophia!

I am a bit sad because I did not achieve the 25th checklist. Kikiki. To find my Mr Right. Puhahaha. Whoaa, I remembered, when I was 16, I wish that I will marry my Mr Right when I am 25 years old. Haha. 

Okay, I'll extend it to 28 years old. Blerghh. Nak jumpa lelaki muka macam Lee Dong Wook or Joo Sang Woo sah sah la susah kan. Apatah lagi Yonghwa dan Lee Min Ho. Kau hadap?

For 2014, I prepared my 26 wishes (as I'll be turning 26 years old). The wishes is partly the same, but with extra amendment. HAHA. Especially No 11 - Curse less. Puhahaha.

I wish 2014 will bring joys and happiness, health and wealth, prosperity and maturity, love and smiles to me and all of you.

So, pull up your stockings ladies and gents, more hard work to make our dream comes true. New year, new chapter, new book, and perhaps new look. =)

Thank you God for your blessings.

Happy New Year 2014. Wohoooo! Yampei!

I wish I have a can of Shandy right now. Puhahaha.



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Having fun with my 4 Amal students. Gonna miss them a lot. 4 Amal is very special to me. Mereka adalah students yang berpotensi. Memang kuat bermain di dalam kelas, tapi mereka berkemampuan.

Tidak bisa diklasifikasi, tetapi sangat istimewa. Setiap pelajar mempunyai karakter yang tersendiri dan unik.

Mereka bukan lemah. Cuma kefahaman itu lambat dipraktikkan. Jika punya usaha yang tinggi, pasti berjaya.

Buat 4 Amal, jangan berhenti berusaha. Anda pasti mampu melakukannya.

What lies behind

I always dream to live in a fairytale. I grew up by watching Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and many more. Those cartoons teach me how to be a girl and grow as a woman. The boys learn how to be the dreamed prince who protects his woman.

I learnt about how meaningful the glass heels to Cinderella, how precious the friendship between Snow White and the dwarfs and how easy Aurora's life when her fairies around.

Life. Yes, I learn a lot about life from these characters. From good to bad, from more to less.

I wonder how kids nowadays adapt the animations that they watched. Ugly faces, weapons and fights.

That is not a life that we want. It is war. A secret unidentified war. Silent and adapted.


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Untitled #1


I have been very very busy.

I just finished my studies. Yeay. Im a happy kid. At the moment *ONLY*. Waiting for the final result.

Secondly, I am now a teacher. Wuuuuuu. Temporary teacher.

Third, I do not know what to say. I am craving for food. yeah, Seoul Garden. Yes, you.

Last but not least, happy finishing school to my batch members. We are great.

Till I meet you again,

goodbye people.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sahabatku Safwan

Terdetik untuk menulis lagi di blog ini. Lama sungguh rasanya tak menaip di sini. 

Semalam pergi Ipoh. Dah lama teringin nak ke Ipoh sebab tak pernah pergi. Tapi tak sangka, tujuan pergi kesana bukan untuk bersuka ria. Tapi untuk melawat keluarga rakan sekelas yang meninggal dunia kerana kemalangan di highway menuju ke Shah Alam. Safwan, nama rakan aku tu. 

Kenal Safwan sejak masuk degree. Sekelas. Budak poli masuk UiTM. Aku budak UiTM masuk UiTM berlagak macam UiTM ni aku punya. Safwan adalah budak lelaki pertama dalam kelas aku yang tegur aku. Masa tu kelas Structure, Mdm Oh punya class. Dia tanya aku macam mana nak cari moment. Teringat lagi soalan dia, "Kak, macam mana cari ni?". Aku jawab dan memberi tunjuk ajar pada dia walaupun masa tu aku sebal hari sebab dia panggil aku kakak.

Sepanjang aku kenal Safwan, dia seorang yang sangat baik. Sangat sangat baik. Senyum tak pernah lekang. Kita tanya dia, dia jawab dengan baik. 

Semester akhir ni adalah semester dimana aku banyak berborak dengan dia. Teringat lagi masa talk IDP, aku tak masuk dewan. Aku lepak luar dewan sambil menyalin nota. Safwan dan Mad datang. Safwan duduk bersila depan aku. Dan dia pun menyalin nota dari aku. Masa tu topik hangat PRU 13. 
Sempat aku berbicara politik dengan dia. Dia tanya aku akan undi siapa. Aku cakap undi rahsia. Aku tanya dia soalan yang sama. Dia senyum saja. Tapi dari respon dia, aku tahu yang mana akan dipangkah olehnya. Dia bercerita tentang pendapat politik dari sudut pandangannya. Dan setiap sudut pandangannya aku terima dengan baik. Ramai kawan yang berbincang politik dengan aku, tapi tiada yang seperti Safwan. Pandangan dia tidak ada satupun berunsur paksaan ataupun berat sebelah. Tapi pandangannya akan menyebabkan aku merenung dan berfikir panjang. Merungkai setiap butir katanya. Dan akhirnya, aku bersetuju dengan apa yang dia tuturkan. Tanpa paksaan.

Kali terakhir berbicara dengan Safwan masa kelas IDP. Sempat berkongsi pendapat tentang rangcangan We Got Married. Berkongsi pandangan tentang KPop. Dia senyum saja. Dia lepak kat meja group aku. Tapi lepas berbual sekejap, aku blah pergi meja lain. Arghhh, kalau aku tahu itu kali terakhir aku bercerita dengan dia, aku akan curi setiap masa yang ada dan berbual dengannya. Berbual tentang apa saja. 

Masa kelas IDP tu aku ada bawa kek lapis. Dan Safwan adalah orang terakhir yang makan kek lapis tu. Yang aku terkilan, dia paling last dan dia hanya makan baki yang paling last. Kalau aku tahu, aku akan bawa banyak lagi dari itu supaya dia makan kek lapis tu sampai dia kenyang. 

Tak sempat menatap wajah dia buat kali terakhir. Rakan rakan yang lain pun tak sempat. Terkilan rasa. Tapi nak buat macam mana. Hal sebegitu lebih elok jika dipercepatkan. 

Buat keluarga arwah Safwan, terima kasih kerana menerima kunjungan kami. Kami tidak akan lupakan arwah. Dia sahabat, rakan sekelas dan juga penjaga gol yang hebat untuk kelas kami. 

Semoga roh arwah tenang disana dan juga ditempatkan disisi orang orang yang beriman. 

"Hidup itu tidak pasti, tapi mati itu pasti. Dari Tuhan kita datang, kepada Dia juga kita kembali"


Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I always write my name as Sophia Jarvia Ak Subah although in my IC I used the word Anak. In Sarawak, people are pronouncing "Ak" as anak, so when I filled the UITM's online application form, I used "Ak" (My fault. I was too lazy to type ANAK). But one day (when I was in Arau), a friend (whom I cannot recall who is him/her) called my name as Sophia Jarvia 'anak kepada' Subah. It makes me said, 'uhhh??'. After that, I straight away went to HEA building and fill the "Borang Pertukaran Alamat/Butir Peribadi" because I don't want they call my name wrongly during my diploma's convocation and also in any future events that I'll attend.

till I meet you again. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

When I'm Getting Old.

I went to Imperial Mall just now. My dad accompany my cousin , Damien to buy his electric guitar.

While they are busy buying the guitar, mom and I walked around the mall. It makes me remembers to my past old days.

I used to hanging around with my school friends in those malls in Miri. Saturday is the most happy days to us. We walked here and there, we entered every shop although we buy nothing. We just "cuci mata". In one day, we can "khatam" all of the malls in Miri.

Nowadays, when I get older, I prefer to sit for hours in a cafe or restaurant while having a chit-chat with friends. I do not simply enter any shop if I do not have things to buy from the shop. Plus, I hate those sales girls that keep on following me. It makes me look like a thief.

Now, I walk less and I shop less. But once I shop, I will shop until I satisfy.

When you get older, you are less attracted to those things that you do not need. And you grow wiser. You know what you want and you think before you enter those shop. And it can reduce your "nafsu membeli". So, your money is save!

My cousin, Cynthia and I prefer to sit and eat. Less shopping, because we prefer online shopping. No more foot pain. It is just stomach ache..because fill our intestines with delicious food!

Till I meet you again,

Friday, 25 January 2013

It's been a while.

Hello there world!

Wohoo! (Tangan melambai keatas) *cover ketiak woii*

I've been very busy these days. Done with my lab. Sieving batu la bagai. Batu?? Yes! Aggregates! I'm doing my final year project. I'm doing a research about pavement. (From structure to transportation) Well, it's civil. You know.

Done my work for today, and I can officially starts my holidays! Miri, here I come.

I wish that I can post everyday. But, I really can't. Start buat kerja pukul 9, balik at 5 pm. And I am so damn tired. I hope my holiday went well. It's been a long long time since I had my semester break. (Last time, I undergo my industrial training)

Recently, I am looking for job opportunity as I will be graduated in mid June. *crossed fingers*.

Many friends asked me, "hey, you sambung master ke nanti?".

For sure, I really want it. But when your body says no to what is in your mind, it still a big NO.

If I have the courage, I'll go for it. Kalau anak Tan Sri tak masuk meminang la. HAHA.

But if I got a job straight after I graduate, I'll choose to work. Money maa.. siapa tak nak duit?

Lagipun, sambung master pun guna duit kan? Bukan pakai ayaq lioq.

We'll see what happen next. Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan. =)

Till I meet you again,

p/s: ada orang panggil aku Arabel. Puihh..haha